Wednesday, March 08, 2006

On A Cake Binge

With my new sift and ball winder we went to work making yummy cakes. Saw someone flash their stash....what do you do when your stash is too big? note the rubber maid. it is one of 3. but 1 is cheap yarn for quick blankets and crochet thread for lace. so this is the one with the better yarn. admittedly the priciest stuff i used to get was caron simply soft.

see the 2 orange-ish noro balls? how is it that you can pick out two fairly close skeins, work the same project from each ( felted clogs) and have such different amounts left over? I had noticed it before, but now i have proof! I will be weighing my kureyon before bring it home obviously!


jillian said...

Oh - that looks fun doing it outside! I love making cakes. I never regret investing in the ball winder and swift.

And I also have found greatly varying weights in my Noro. Buyer beware!

SP said...

Whoa! Look at all that yarn, how fun!

Did you get your package yet? It was supposed to arrive on Monday...


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