Thursday, March 16, 2006


you have no idea what i am about to write, only my knitterly friends will probably grasp this....
MEG SWANSON called my house! THE Meg Swanson. Seriously.
At about 8:15 am (PST) the phone rings. sam and i debate who is gonna get it. so he got to speak to her FIRST, and he hands me the phone. i had ordered a book from school house press. but a different book arrived. i had desperately wanted Latvian mittens. i tried to order it all last year. no one has it. so i was very worried that i could not get it. ;-(
so i emailed school house press. nice lil email, saying i got a beautiful book. ...not what i ordered but beautiful. being the wife of a programmer i am really concerned it is a web page issue, so i let them know. ( Too many american programmers have lost their jobs the last few years, do want another one...)
but i wrote MAGNIFICENT mittens, instead of MOSTLY mittens. ( i spent too much time on amazon making a master knitters book list, too many titles in my lil boggled head.)
So when she tells me who she is my response is GASP, "You didn't have to call me yourself."
You can hear her laugh, excuse it off, and start to talk about the book. I AM NOT REALLY ABLE TO TALK. it is MEG SWANSON on my phone!!!!
I am not exactly sure what she really said. but i now have read the book they sent. it is a good book. so i tell her i kinda like the one the sent. (But i really wanted, latvian mittens.)
"Can i just order/reorder it , too?"she laughs. of course. because this is my real worry, that latvian mittens is an unattainable book.
after we hang up. i look at the phone, to be sure it is hung up... and scream at sam "THAT WAS MEG SWANSON!!!!" he kinda stares at me. cuz he has no idea. i try to explain the revolution her mother began, the incredible legacy she has carried on, her own incredible talent...blah blah
he doesnt really get it, but sees it is a big deal to me.
so i call my mom, who doesnt knit, but this woman has pictures of elvis and my grandma on the wall. kurt russell had an intrest in my aunt (who thought he was a dork- disney movie era) so she values these kind of things. I say Meg Swanson called MY house. she says i guess from your inability to talk that this is a big deal. cuz i am still so thrilled... "before the excitement wears off you should blog it" she tells me. so here i am... but i doubt it will wear off.
I spur on to my master knitters swatches more inspired, just b/c she called... i know I AM A DORK...


Creative Genius? said...

Totally totally cool!!!!! I am bowing down in envy! :-)

Nik said...

non-knitters never get it. This one time, i was in my LYS and Brandon Mably was there. I didn't know who he was at first...he just started talking to me and telling me that the burgundy yarn that I chose would look good with my complexion. When I realized it was him I screamed "You're him?!!!"
folks were laughing. I felt like such a dork.

isela said...

that is just awesome!!!

cecily said...

i didn't know you're hostessing for sp8...i am doing it again! :)

Bea said...

WOOO HOOO!!! I'm SO HAPPY you took the call!!!! Doing a happy dance for ya! Really! How EXCELLENT! Um. Does that now make YOU famous? hehe!

brooke said...

Ohhh - I am sooo excited for you. I felt the same way when THE yarn harlot responded to my personal email from a post on her blog.. i about died. I can relate... oh, pinch yourself - it was real!! Can I touch the ear you held to the phone?? LOL.

Lacy Zigzag said...

OMG What are you thinking????? You are going to be a Hostess? That is great. Maybe I will be in your group. That would be fun. I won't be filling out the stuff til I get back from Costa Rica. Glad I have til the end of April!

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