Monday, March 20, 2006

My Tirzah

for those of you who were with us through the leukemia tests, the HSP results, the 4-6 months of bedrest, tirzah donating hair to locks of love cuz it was "only" hsp...
we may be going thru another round. it lays dormant and kicks back up whenever it feels like it.
a sore ankle from yesterday is now ankles, knees and hips. (it causes arthitic joint pain) so tomorrow we have urinalysis & tests; wed- referal to the kidney specialist.
please keep her in prayer.
all ideas or easy-ish knitting patterns for the couch bound would be greatly appreciated.

Edit:Hsp stands for Henoch-Schönlein purpura (sp?)
it presents with bruises from hip to ankle. same as leukiemia which is why they freak out.
but basically her body instead of attacking a virus suddenly attacks its own blood vessels. movement makes it worse. so her kidneys and intestines are closely watched. like shingles la
ys dormant so does this. it comes back but usually not as severe as it started. which is the good thing. but the blood in her urine is a big flag. that has been twice in the last month. so now we go to the kidney guy too.
Tirzah is 10. she is crafty and now loves to read but is very active. she would sneak running around last time only to be covered in bruises and have her joints make walking just to the bathroom painful. bouts are typically 4-6 weeks with bedrest. but it lasted almost 5 mons last time. the Rx makes her not want to eat, too so pray for her appetite.
she is bemoaning that her trip to the climbing wall may be cancelled. ;-(
last time it was her horseback lessons that were cancelled.


jillian said...

Oh no - I am sad to hear a member of your family is sick. What is HSP and who is sick? Since I've only "met" you since January, I'm afraid I'm not in the know.

A say stockinette socks for couch knitting!

Isela: Purling Sprite said...

I am sorry, please know that your family will be in our family's prayers. May the recovery be quick and may she have the strength and comfort that she needs.

I would recommend something easy like socks with some very easy lace pattern.

Nik said...

poor thingy. I'm truly going to be praying for her.

cecily said...

i will keep you all in my prayers.

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