Saturday, March 11, 2006

Like school supply shopping only better

My level 1 envelope came. I expected it to be a lil thicker. Part of me thinks this is a quick way to make $. even the coveted password for the master's area, really didn't unlock all.
Our office max is going out of buisness so my dad got page protectors and a binder at steal. i was eyeing his last night.
Then i went to my LYS to test out a few yarn & needle combos. Narrowed it to 2, after i block swatch 1 of each i will know which i will continue with. several of the swatches have to be done with the same yarn and needle size. Then i raided the old Cast On mags and read up on the articles "On the way to the Masters". I went to the dusty book section of the store and picked out a few titles on the bibliography to borrow. Updated my amazon wishlist with a few of the neccessary titles for this program. So for mother's day, my birthday in june... and where my class cash will go, books, books, books.
Now here i am ready to get started.
Wish me luck!


brooke said...

OK, so what EXACTLY are you going to master?? do tell.

Lacy Zigzag said...

This project will keep you pretty busy for awhile don't ya think?

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