Thursday, March 23, 2006

Knitting content....

Both my tax $ splurge blocking board and the latvian mitten book came this week. i kept the mostly mitten "mistake" book. notice the autographed invoice? meg is very cool! i was so hoping she would do that!
also i begen an entrelac scarf, which is now at knit wits b/c we have a class on it this sat. it is noro kureyon and cascade 220.
i liked it so much i dug out my noro silk garden and started another. this is all due to the lovely and inspiring photos on jillian's blog for the lady e KAL. this was a fun technique to try out. and i can't wait to felt a sample!


Anonymous said...

Heather - you're too special...I'll say prayers for the kids (all of them) and mom and dad too. I saw a thing on The Today Show about locks of love - thought that i'd grow my hair long enought to donate 10" of it. I presume they want hair with some grey in it!! LOL. Love the pic of the scarf too - your so brave and daring to try new and seemingly difficult projects. - Hugs, Brooke

ladylinoleum said...

Nice booty haul!

The scarf is going to be wonderful! At our SNB there a couple of people working on that.

Isela said...

Oohh, I want that board!! The scarf looks awesome!

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