Friday, March 31, 2006

Knitter Down!...and secret pals

So last night at 10:30, while getting kidsinto the house and out the rain, i fell on the tiles which were wet, and Sprained my ankle!!!! because i am a dork, and this is something i am good at!
Really i was carrying my lantern moon already breaking basket (argh!!) and trying to keep it dry, so paying more attention to that than the wet floor....
The good news is it is not broken, bad news....
i have to stay off of it for a week or two!
ha! boy will it be fun around here! Did I mention my inlaws are coming to visit next week?!
oh well! it wasnt like i was suddenly going to gain their approval this year anyways! so the house will have to stay as it is.

Mini was my secret spoilee this round, hi Mini! It was really great to get to know her!
Who has been spoiling me silly and actually talking to me thru the whole round will be revealed soon! I have enjoyed this round almost as much as round 4, so i volunteered to help host Secret Pal 8. Check out the site! And thanks to the wonderful gals who hosted this round!
UPDATE: My pal was Jill! the fun thing is i have had her blog bookmarked for quite some time! so it was fun to have a pal i kinda "know" in a sense! thanks Jill for all the fun boxes, yummy treats, and Emailings!


jillian said...

Oh no - so sorry to hear that!! Well now you'll have lots of knit-time!

isela said...

Shoot, that is terrible. Hope it heals faster :).

Jill said...

You poor thing... well maybe this will brighten your day.. it's me! Your secret pal! Come check me out - and your last package will be leaving the post office tomorrow - all my apologies on it's delay!

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