Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bring back Pete
As the daughter of a Calvary Chapel pastor, and having served in over seas Calvary church plants, I would love to say I am surprised at the behaviour displayed by the outgoing pastor, board, etc... The truth is I am not. I have seen so many things done in secret and deceit within too many Calvary Churches. From secreting away adultering pastors and bringing in sudden replacements, to allowing deacons to visit "massage parlors", while trying to gain absolute control over the church buildings and people. These, among so many other SECRETS, prove basic lack of accountability that reigns over the "we are not a denomination" denomination.
Calvary as a whole has been in disarray for a long time. The secrets are just getting too big to hide any longer.
I highly doubt there will be change if these matters continue to remain hidden and unresolved. There needs to be accountability, for men FAIL miserably! Paul sent out trusted men to check on the health THE CHURCH. We must do something besides watch ourselves become diseased. We proclaim freedom to the world while we ourselves remain in bondage to our secrets and our Pride.
I pray that the matter at hand will be dealt with BIBLICALLY and be used to bring life back to this sleeping giant.
Reinstate Pastor Pete. Deal with the secrets openly, honestly and with the Truth we so very much believe in. Revival is a renewed fervor amongst the believers. It has to start with the leadership. The leadership has turned it's back on a church that is crying out for change. How many names must be placed on a list before you will be willing to hear?
I believe THIS issue, in the way that it is handled, can spark that revival. If things continue with the spin and propaganda, Calvary may be a spectator in what God has planned, bound up in its secrets, unable or unwilling to go forward.
Not only is the world watching, the youth and children of the church are. They can only be expected to worship as they are taught or to become so sickened by it that they spew the religion we feed them out of their lives.
Are you willing to be the excuse your sons and daughters, your grandchildren choose to not walk with the Lord?
2 Chronicles 7 v14
Jeremiah 7
Micah 6 v8

~*~ name signed here~*~


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather!

Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know I'm praying for you:) I know it must be hard to see so much but I know the Lord will never fail you like the leaders have. He is Perfect, Just, and Love.

God Bless you for speaking the truth in this matter:)

Anonymous said...

I have been reading & writing on Phoenixpreacher. I have used my name also, however, I am out of the system entirely. I just wanted you to know, I appreciate your courage. There are very few on that blog who use names, your testimony has great impact and you did in fact own it! God Bless you Heather Walker!
Steve Giali

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