Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beans for brains and a contest!

Well after 2 years of going in and saying "something is wrong with me!"
the dr called and told me to come ASAP to the office. seems my pituitary and thyroid are beyond every female in my family! and i need synthroid. So let's see how i am in a week!
March 28 was my second anniversary of not my blog, but learning how to knit! Hurray! Being that i am still not able to recall useful info like this, I forgot about it yesterday!
Any ideas for a contest? How about the most imaginative "How Heather learned to knit" story. between now and April 15 (day my LYS has it's 2nd anniversary) I will take story submissions. Leave as comments or email yarnyenta at that yahoo place.
Winning entry to be published on the blog April 17.


jillian said...

That so great that something was finally diagnosed! I bet you'll feel liek a new person with treatment!

And happy blogiversary!

Creative Genius? said...

Ahhhh yes - welcome to the club!!! Synthroid isn't too bad (it's a small pill) but you should take it at the same time each day on an empty stomach... fun! And be prepared for frequent blood draws - to measure levels - ahhh more fun!

As for April 17th - that's my 30th birthday :-)

bubbebobbie said...

One ponce a time there was a little girl with big dreams. She wanted to do something great. She wanted to do something great so much that she found herself trying to do everything great. She took tap dancing and loved the shiny shoes. She watched Captain Mark to learn to draw and knew she could do better so she went to the Denver Botanical Gardens for Art classes to search for that perfect medium for her talents. one day she was chasing one of her five children through Joann's (yes, five children, she had mastered THAT too) and saw some fuzzy yarn. With Spring right around the corner and little girls needing fuzzy purses for church, she bought some. She quickly discovered that crocheting used way too much of the fabulous fuzzy substance. Wanting to be the perfect wife and mother and save her husbands hard earned cash: she sought out wisdom from the yarn fairy. When her eyes glimpsed the sparkling wands in the fairies hands, she knew they needed to sing in her finger tips. The yarn fairy safely tucked away in a mason jar with holes hammered in the lid: not only gave her the clicking wands but blessed her with the talent to create anything she can imagine and she can imagine some pretty amazing things; like child number six.

Brooke said...

Heather did not "learn" to knit. It has always been in her genetic "being" - It just needed an cosmic event to burst forth and be shared with us other humble knitting learner humans. Creativity may be linked to the thyroid - I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Alas, the desire for more beautiful yarn stash makes us dizzy and loopy, hence the sixth child!!

On a lighter note... I miss seeing all my knitty friends at LYS and am getting a bit whoozy about the enterlac scarf and now must learn that too. Next class? take care -

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