Friday, March 31, 2006

Knitter Down!...and secret pals

So last night at 10:30, while getting kidsinto the house and out the rain, i fell on the tiles which were wet, and Sprained my ankle!!!! because i am a dork, and this is something i am good at!
Really i was carrying my lantern moon already breaking basket (argh!!) and trying to keep it dry, so paying more attention to that than the wet floor....
The good news is it is not broken, bad news....
i have to stay off of it for a week or two!
ha! boy will it be fun around here! Did I mention my inlaws are coming to visit next week?!
oh well! it wasnt like i was suddenly going to gain their approval this year anyways! so the house will have to stay as it is.

Mini was my secret spoilee this round, hi Mini! It was really great to get to know her!
Who has been spoiling me silly and actually talking to me thru the whole round will be revealed soon! I have enjoyed this round almost as much as round 4, so i volunteered to help host Secret Pal 8. Check out the site! And thanks to the wonderful gals who hosted this round!
UPDATE: My pal was Jill! the fun thing is i have had her blog bookmarked for quite some time! so it was fun to have a pal i kinda "know" in a sense! thanks Jill for all the fun boxes, yummy treats, and Emailings!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is one Ball of Noro Silk Garden. It is 19" long so far. I have 3 balls total so i think it will be a good length.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beans for brains and a contest!

Well after 2 years of going in and saying "something is wrong with me!"
the dr called and told me to come ASAP to the office. seems my pituitary and thyroid are beyond every female in my family! and i need synthroid. So let's see how i am in a week!
March 28 was my second anniversary of not my blog, but learning how to knit! Hurray! Being that i am still not able to recall useful info like this, I forgot about it yesterday!
Any ideas for a contest? How about the most imaginative "How Heather learned to knit" story. between now and April 15 (day my LYS has it's 2nd anniversary) I will take story submissions. Leave as comments or email yarnyenta at that yahoo place.
Winning entry to be published on the blog April 17.


Handcrafted Electronic Android Trained for Hazardous Exploration, Repair and Logical Yelling

Sunday, March 26, 2006

What knitting have we gotten done this weekend? Well i did not do my swatches for the master knitters (where did my other size 6 needle disappear to?) but i did start cashmere sox for my aunt's bday present. she will be here the end of April. Since the other entrelac scarf was down at knit wits, i began a second only in Noro Silk Garden. I love the way this makes lil blocks of colour. THIS IS ADDICTIVE!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Knitting content....

Both my tax $ splurge blocking board and the latvian mitten book came this week. i kept the mostly mitten "mistake" book. notice the autographed invoice? meg is very cool! i was so hoping she would do that!
also i begen an entrelac scarf, which is now at knit wits b/c we have a class on it this sat. it is noro kureyon and cascade 220.
i liked it so much i dug out my noro silk garden and started another. this is all due to the lovely and inspiring photos on jillian's blog for the lady e KAL. this was a fun technique to try out. and i can't wait to felt a sample!


Please continue to pray for tirzah. Her blood work is coming back good, no anemia and no hypertension which is associated with hsp. We saw a cool doctor from africa yesterday. before beginning to treat her he wants to send her to the kidney specialist. so this means a trip to sacramento. (3 hrs away) pray that they have an opening quickly, since sam will be away putting rooves on hurricane hit houses the last half of april.
Tirzah is doing her first beaded knit project and making wrist bands for her friends.
the arthritis pain in her legs is the biggest thing that is bugging her. due to the kidney concerns we cant give her motrin too often. please pray for her joints!

Monday, March 20, 2006

My Tirzah

for those of you who were with us through the leukemia tests, the HSP results, the 4-6 months of bedrest, tirzah donating hair to locks of love cuz it was "only" hsp...
we may be going thru another round. it lays dormant and kicks back up whenever it feels like it.
a sore ankle from yesterday is now ankles, knees and hips. (it causes arthitic joint pain) so tomorrow we have urinalysis & tests; wed- referal to the kidney specialist.
please keep her in prayer.
all ideas or easy-ish knitting patterns for the couch bound would be greatly appreciated.

Edit:Hsp stands for Henoch-Schönlein purpura (sp?)
it presents with bruises from hip to ankle. same as leukiemia which is why they freak out.
but basically her body instead of attacking a virus suddenly attacks its own blood vessels. movement makes it worse. so her kidneys and intestines are closely watched. like shingles la
ys dormant so does this. it comes back but usually not as severe as it started. which is the good thing. but the blood in her urine is a big flag. that has been twice in the last month. so now we go to the kidney guy too.
Tirzah is 10. she is crafty and now loves to read but is very active. she would sneak running around last time only to be covered in bruises and have her joints make walking just to the bathroom painful. bouts are typically 4-6 weeks with bedrest. but it lasted almost 5 mons last time. the Rx makes her not want to eat, too so pray for her appetite.
she is bemoaning that her trip to the climbing wall may be cancelled. ;-(
last time it was her horseback lessons that were cancelled.

A box from canada! My needle exchange pal Lissa sent me a lovely box. river john SWING NEEDLES which i have very much been coveting! Opal sock yarn that i have never tried before. mary engelbreit notes (i love M.E.) bath fun, and yummy PB cups that the kids are currently munching on while staring at the falling snow. i love all of it thank you! my needle X pal got hers too.
tali really liked the box!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bring back Pete
As the daughter of a Calvary Chapel pastor, and having served in over seas Calvary church plants, I would love to say I am surprised at the behaviour displayed by the outgoing pastor, board, etc... The truth is I am not. I have seen so many things done in secret and deceit within too many Calvary Churches. From secreting away adultering pastors and bringing in sudden replacements, to allowing deacons to visit "massage parlors", while trying to gain absolute control over the church buildings and people. These, among so many other SECRETS, prove basic lack of accountability that reigns over the "we are not a denomination" denomination.
Calvary as a whole has been in disarray for a long time. The secrets are just getting too big to hide any longer.
I highly doubt there will be change if these matters continue to remain hidden and unresolved. There needs to be accountability, for men FAIL miserably! Paul sent out trusted men to check on the health THE CHURCH. We must do something besides watch ourselves become diseased. We proclaim freedom to the world while we ourselves remain in bondage to our secrets and our Pride.
I pray that the matter at hand will be dealt with BIBLICALLY and be used to bring life back to this sleeping giant.
Reinstate Pastor Pete. Deal with the secrets openly, honestly and with the Truth we so very much believe in. Revival is a renewed fervor amongst the believers. It has to start with the leadership. The leadership has turned it's back on a church that is crying out for change. How many names must be placed on a list before you will be willing to hear?
I believe THIS issue, in the way that it is handled, can spark that revival. If things continue with the spin and propaganda, Calvary may be a spectator in what God has planned, bound up in its secrets, unable or unwilling to go forward.
Not only is the world watching, the youth and children of the church are. They can only be expected to worship as they are taught or to become so sickened by it that they spew the religion we feed them out of their lives.
Are you willing to be the excuse your sons and daughters, your grandchildren choose to not walk with the Lord?
2 Chronicles 7 v14
Jeremiah 7
Micah 6 v8

~*~ name signed here~*~

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Baby Booties. alpaca with a twist's punch topped with trendsetter's Pinot. US 3's and 2's.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


you have no idea what i am about to write, only my knitterly friends will probably grasp this....
MEG SWANSON called my house! THE Meg Swanson. Seriously.
At about 8:15 am (PST) the phone rings. sam and i debate who is gonna get it. so he got to speak to her FIRST, and he hands me the phone. i had ordered a book from school house press. but a different book arrived. i had desperately wanted Latvian mittens. i tried to order it all last year. no one has it. so i was very worried that i could not get it. ;-(
so i emailed school house press. nice lil email, saying i got a beautiful book. ...not what i ordered but beautiful. being the wife of a programmer i am really concerned it is a web page issue, so i let them know. ( Too many american programmers have lost their jobs the last few years, do want another one...)
but i wrote MAGNIFICENT mittens, instead of MOSTLY mittens. ( i spent too much time on amazon making a master knitters book list, too many titles in my lil boggled head.)
So when she tells me who she is my response is GASP, "You didn't have to call me yourself."
You can hear her laugh, excuse it off, and start to talk about the book. I AM NOT REALLY ABLE TO TALK. it is MEG SWANSON on my phone!!!!
I am not exactly sure what she really said. but i now have read the book they sent. it is a good book. so i tell her i kinda like the one the sent. (But i really wanted, latvian mittens.)
"Can i just order/reorder it , too?"she laughs. of course. because this is my real worry, that latvian mittens is an unattainable book.
after we hang up. i look at the phone, to be sure it is hung up... and scream at sam "THAT WAS MEG SWANSON!!!!" he kinda stares at me. cuz he has no idea. i try to explain the revolution her mother began, the incredible legacy she has carried on, her own incredible talent...blah blah
he doesnt really get it, but sees it is a big deal to me.
so i call my mom, who doesnt knit, but this woman has pictures of elvis and my grandma on the wall. kurt russell had an intrest in my aunt (who thought he was a dork- disney movie era) so she values these kind of things. I say Meg Swanson called MY house. she says i guess from your inability to talk that this is a big deal. cuz i am still so thrilled... "before the excitement wears off you should blog it" she tells me. so here i am... but i doubt it will wear off.
I spur on to my master knitters swatches more inspired, just b/c she called... i know I AM A DORK...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Marie came into the LYS. She has cancer and is going thur treatments. Marie is trying to get a blanket done for each of her grandchildren. Knit Wits had only 2 skeins left of the yarn. She needed 1 more. Unfortunately it is discontinued!
I knew I had it in my stash. well after searching, turns out : the skein is a hat! i offered to rip it out, it has never been worn. but there still wouldnt be enough.
so, please!!!! search your stashes for Homespun in Renaissance. it is a dark purple.
If you find it, please comment, email, etc.... and let me know how much you need for it plus shipping! THANK YOU MY KNITTERS!!!!
edit: thanks Cecily! hancock fabrics has one on the way!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Questions about the Master Knitters

"Since the Master Knitting Program’s inception in 1987, 146 hand knitters have completed all three levels of the program." just that part is a bit scary.
What does it involve? In addition to knitting samples and garments from written instructions, you will prepare a notebook of research and answers to questions. The Master Knitting Committee will review everything thoroughly, using well-established criteria. It is not unusual for knit or research portions to be returned for rework with constructive suggestions for improvement. this means if your stitches are sucky, or if you didnot follow instructions EXACTLY, they are returned so you can try again, and again, and again....

level one:

• Sixteen knitted samples: three swatches each of ribbing and
basic stitches and gauge, increases, decreases, yarn overs
and cables.
• Fourteen questions to research and answer.
• One-page report on blocking knits, including references.

level two:

• Twenty-two knitted samples: seams, raglan increases, lace
patterns, cable samples, raglan decreases and buttonhole
• One traditional argyle sock.
• One vest.
• Fifteen questions to research and answer.
• Four book reviews.
• One- or two-page report on the history of knitting.

level three:

• Eighteen knitted samples: invisible cast on and bind off,
increases and decreases, fancy stitches – including one of
your choice, work from symbols and duplicate stitch.
• Self-designed and knit: either an Aran sweater that uses at
least three patterns (including cables and bobbles) or a Fair
Isle or Scandinavian sweater with at least three colors.
• Self-designed and knit: hat or cap made with a technique not
used in the sweater.
• Eight questions to research and answer.
• Two book reviews and two knitting magazine reviews.
• Report on six fibers used in knitting.
• Symbol report and knitted swatch.
• Written description of blocking and care of knit garments.

What do you get? a piece of paper, the title "Master Knitter" and your name in Cast On Magazine. being that my cousin's Masters Degree pretty much has done zip for her career and over qualified her for any job i think it is about the same...mine hopefully wont take 8 years!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Like school supply shopping only better

My level 1 envelope came. I expected it to be a lil thicker. Part of me thinks this is a quick way to make $. even the coveted password for the master's area, really didn't unlock all.
Our office max is going out of buisness so my dad got page protectors and a binder at steal. i was eyeing his last night.
Then i went to my LYS to test out a few yarn & needle combos. Narrowed it to 2, after i block swatch 1 of each i will know which i will continue with. several of the swatches have to be done with the same yarn and needle size. Then i raided the old Cast On mags and read up on the articles "On the way to the Masters". I went to the dusty book section of the store and picked out a few titles on the bibliography to borrow. Updated my amazon wishlist with a few of the neccessary titles for this program. So for mother's day, my birthday in june... and where my class cash will go, books, books, books.
Now here i am ready to get started.
Wish me luck!

Friday, March 10, 2006

it is snowing. it took almost an hour to get home instead of 20 min. we ate with my parents then headed home. in order to warm up a bit, we opened tea from my secret pal. it comes in a cute plastic box inside the paper box. and ate one, ok two of these yummy raspberry tarts. my secret pal loves them apparently. i can see why! yummy yummy!
more fun mail! and new batteries! my friend having a yarn sale. my wonderful yarn came today! if you haven't seen her site, it is linked on the side alison sp4. also in the mail- my TKGA master knitters level 1. how scary is that you ask? i will let you know!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Secret palsy-walsy!

Sam picked up the mail which had 1-girl scouts events for the girls, 2-knit picks & rams wool catalogs, and 3-abox from my secret pal! because we spent all day defuzzing the clogs (blasted galway!) and using every battery up, my camera is a bit on the dead side! so i will tell you about it. inside were raspberry tarts, white tangerine tea, and pastilles orange chocolates..yumyum...
the cutest sheepie that tali took out of my hands. (holding her while opening the box) and nashua alpaca/wool in a lovely dark orange and the pattern to make up a lil felted cover. it is all very wonderful. tali likes the chocolate box- just the right size to grab and gum. Also my current favourite bath and body fragrance spray moonlight path, just the right size for my purse. what a wonderful box! thank you so much!

today karin, ny cousin, took me out for a mani & pedicure. this was a first for me! it was so relaxing. mom came with so she could hold tali and click her into the car seat. she helped me open doors too! i didnt drink cuz i was afraid of zipping my pants and ruining my nails. i am a dork, i know. but zippers always kill my nails. after that the 3 of us and tali went to the thai place. i love the thai place. i could eat there all the time!

youth group was nuts. a few of the kids were stoned which did not help. they are such hurting kids. karin said tonight she wanted to bring one home with her. they are close to her son's age. i want whole lives for them instead of these broken shattered ones.
Karin's clog. well after a good shave it looks a lil better. i definitely prefer cascade for felting instead of this galway chunky. it was soo hairy!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

On A Cake Binge

With my new sift and ball winder we went to work making yummy cakes. Saw someone flash their stash....what do you do when your stash is too big? note the rubber maid. it is one of 3. but 1 is cheap yarn for quick blankets and crochet thread for lace. so this is the one with the better yarn. admittedly the priciest stuff i used to get was caron simply soft.

see the 2 orange-ish noro balls? how is it that you can pick out two fairly close skeins, work the same project from each ( felted clogs) and have such different amounts left over? I had noticed it before, but now i have proof! I will be weighing my kureyon before bring it home obviously!
What is in my basket now? well i finished my purple/green baby bootie socks and am working on some for my cousin karin's cousin's baby. here is the start of a cabled sock,too, peruvian wool.

edit: yes, bernat cotton tots. it is a 2 needle pattern from "Knitting for two" or "Simple knits for cherished babies". the knitter's bible has a similar one. cables are logcabin socks- "Hand knit holidays".

Monday, March 06, 2006

how cute is this? it is a dale of norway i think book 139. wouldnt it be great for tali? guess i better learn to like sweater making!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

questions posed to me:

arg! spent 20 min answering questions and it all vanished. so condensed version sorta.
candy: dark chocolate, hazelnuts? even better. butterfingers and pb cups.
icecream: pistachio almond, oatmeal cookie dough, cake batter (stone cold creamery)
books: emily of new moon, broke $ bodie thoene jerusalem books, mitford series, lancaster county books, tolkein, cslewis, nathaniel hawthorne, working through bleak house currently. i hate books that make you want to just skim themover. francine rivers should be in there too.
movies: to each his own, the enchanted cottage, 2 generations of movie makers in my family so lots of old movies, musicals, admittedly elvis ones (stayway joe, kid gallahad, gi blues) & christian slater ones. my oldest wanted to name her brother don lockwood from singing in the rain...she was 2 1/2 at the time! i love movies! cant wait to borrow the crawling eye from mom! sam was deprived of this as a child no tv til he was 15, no movie going til he was 18, so i love introducing movies to him.
scents: roses, lavendar, cinnamon, star gazer lilies ( can they bottle that?), cucumber and apples.
season:#1 autumn new hampshire living did me in. i am homesick every year! but march is cherry blossom time and late june/july brings my birthday and moutnain "spring" flowers. i love being snow bound too. i hate humid hot summers.

Friday, March 03, 2006

same tree at lunch time. which the hundred acre wood is covered in snow and Christopher Robin wonders how his friends are.
Can you believe all the snow? I love it, it makes me sooo happy!
Snow, snow, snow, snow
Snow on our camellias
When we woke up this morning it was snowing. We have snow warnings til 6 pm.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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