Monday, February 27, 2006

yes. it is true. i am one of the KO's who identify with Bode. I may not have knit drunk, hungover, or spent my time clubbing....BUT did i do my best? for myself? my country? no. i did not. i had other things going on. there was 1 party i will admit. but mostly i just didn't give it my best effort like ~cough~ Bode. my sweater is 3" from the shoulders being bound together, has no sleeves, no hood. But i "enjoyed the experience" like Bode who wanted to enjoy the olympics rather than compete. think he will post a button saying "i am heatherly"?


The_Add_Knitter said...

I can so relate! If only I would've been partying late night à la Bode rather than grading papers, dealing with Girl Scout cookies, and various other commitments!

Ginny said...

I didn't make the gold either. I didn't expect the weeks during the olympics to end up being such a busy time for me. I'll keep plugging along on my shawl though and it will get finished eventually.

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