Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A week at the hospital!

Talia was coughing so badly and her little legs were looking purple and marbly so back to the doctors we went and from there to the ER. My ER experiences have been arrive at the ER at 3pm and get seen by 9PM! How do I know Tali is really sick? She was admitted and in xray immediately! No waiting this time. Our Precious girl is on oxygen and breathing treatments while all the other kids are at my moms. We all thought this morning we would be going home, but we just found out we will be here a week! They said RSV is lasting up to 15 days.Thank G-d for yarn on the go! Please pray for my sweet baby girl.


Creative Genius? said...

I'm praying for her!!! She is in our thoughts and we wish her a very speedy recovery!!!

LB said...

You have my prayers! Poor baby. Hang in there. I hope the knitting therapy helps.

jillian said...

Feel better soon Talia!! That sounds so scary, and I'm sorry that it is happening to you.

Isela said...

I am sorry. I hope she gets better really soon and is back at home safe in your arms. I am terrified of RSV...I guard my kids like crazy during the changing weather seasons.
I am one of the mom's who stays home from church if my kids have a cold. If they only have a mild cold and there is someone there with something worse, then they are more likely to get it as their defenses are lower.
Please get some rest too and keep us updated.

Lacy Zigzag said...

Don't worry, Tali is getting so many prayers. Any the rest of you of course too. We will all be happy when you are able to take her home.

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