Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines at Tiffany's

We had a lovely evening. the kids made a valentine banner and menu for our "cafe".
we toasted and cube various fondue dipping items. Noble orchards which closes down the end of the month had perfect apples for our meal. i totally forgot about the artichoke hearts...oops!
we had cute valentines the kids made too.
Sam brought me roses at lunch. the kind that look like they were antiqued in a teabath. he also brought breakfast at tiffany's to watch. when they were getting their cracker jack ring engraved at tiffany's, he presented me with a blue paper clip that had been shaped into a ring. ;-)
This stems partly from our conversations about wearing paperclips to support denmark. i am not sure of the origins of the tradition, but for holucaust remembrance day, paper clips are worn to remember the danes saved their jews. i guess even the king wore a star when the country was invaded. so with all the choatic turmoil denmark is receiving over a cartoon publish by an ARAB OWNED paper in denmark, we feel a lttle patriotic for not being dane patriots.
so my lovely political/romativ valentine is on my finger. i will show it to you tomorrow!
i love my "political activist" hubby!


Shelynn said...

Hey, i am glad you had a sweet day, thanks for the CANDY!!! Tehe! love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie - to give you a ring at just that moment in the movie.. mushhy mussshy musshhhy. brooke

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