Monday, February 06, 2006

SP6 sweetness...yes 6, not 7

today a box arrived. a box that was originally mailed returned, remailed etc...
a postally crazy ride. knowing where this box was posted from explains so much!
the postal twightlight zone of washington d.c.
maybe it is its secret revenge for not being a "state".
having lived in washington d.c. and its neighboring greenbelt...(sam's NASA job) i have experienced this first hand! even been called down to the post master's office because they thought my MIL's box was a bomb. it wasnt, but our relationship was a lil explosive the time.
so knowing you live in this agonizing zone, no wonder a box mailed dec 3 arrives feb 6!
What was in this wayward parcel?

lush yummy fibers, tali and i differ here as to whose present is more yummy.
she thinks her lovely sweater is more yummy than my yarn. she tries to look innocent but do not be fooled, she likes chewing on it.

it fits perefect, liz!

i love it thank you so much!


Bea said...

Beautiful!!! The bebe', the yarn, the sweater! :o) What a great Blessing today!!!

Heather said...


Shelynn said...

tehe! she is such a cute little chubby babay, tehe!

jillian said...

What an incredible package - and her little sweater is divine!

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