Sunday, February 12, 2006

The slow-going sweater. I did finish 1 skein of yarn as we watched Shawn White get gold in snowboarding, but it is alot slower with a baby to hold and feed and change and tickle, and watch rollover...than i thought it would be. Tirzah finished her olympic knitting project THE FIRST 24 HOURS! yea!!! so she is working on a hat, which she snatched up a pair of my addi's for. kezzi is HALFdone.(working on gauntlets/fingerless mitts.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! OK, first i need your computer abilities to post some buttons on my blog!! and the map too from yarn harlot's site.... i was at a conference when our KO started, i threatened to start knitting during our budget meeting, but as i was running it, i felt that would be in poor taste. So, my KO event did not start until Sunday, while sitting at the airport waiting for the plane to board.. i knit there and on the plane, oh flights go soooo much faster when your knitting!!) i was almost done with my first bootie (2 rows to go when that stupid pilot arrived in SAC 5 min ahead of schedule) so, i put my tray up, my knitting away and cursed him for 1: hitting turbulance in flight. (i told my hubby "at least you call out bumps when i knit" his reply: 'yes, but his bumps are invisible" (me to self: so what). and 2: what the heck did you fly so fast for, i needed a few more minutes to finish my bootie -gosh darn it"

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