Friday, February 10, 2006

The Olypmics have begun

Due to the stinginess of NBC, even the site for the italian television station we used to tune in to CAN NOT broadcast olympic pictures due to the contract NBC has. Also everyone on the east coast will know before the west what has happened, and can kids watch the opening for the olympics? no. they will be aired past their bed time. just to get the "olympic" channel in my area will cost $60. I hate living in the middle of nowhere sometimes. (but hey, last year mom couldnt even get cable at all!) so we are off to buy video cassettes and tape the games, so we can see what selected athletes and events they choose to show us on ole regular TV.
In the spirit of unfair americanism, we cast on for our olympic knitting as soon as we could find an official picture. (the girls who are participants in the event will be in bed by the time it is aired here.)
edited:actually the Harlot says 2pm ontario we coulda started a little earlier

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Secret Pal said...

Hope the "games" are going well for you! Knit on!

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