Saturday, February 25, 2006

i heart mandy and chris

today's engagement party went well, i think so any way...
we had lots of yummy food, made mandy & chris play a game, and my kids were good.
no one stood in the corner or had to be banned from the room. also no spilled drinks or smashed cake ground into the carpet. so success on my side of things.
purple was fabulous and helped carry my crazy idea into action! and my teenagers girls were great helpers, but my biggest help came from kezzi who volunteered to come with and take care of the baby for me. thanks to you all, especially the cleaning crew and my hubby for giving up his weekend.

blah! the sweater is still just as far as it was. no sleeves yet. all knitting time for the last two weeks got wrapped around teething fussiness and outside obligations. BUT! i have never made a sweater til now so it was a challenging experience and i am proud of how well it is going. but next time...maybe i should use a pattern, lol!
my lovely new needles from chris are making a sock. i used the "hourglass heel" a slight difference from the regular short row heel. i am not sure whichi like better. i think the hourglass one is a little easier. i got a bag FULL of cottonease for 80 cents a skein, 11 that is what i am practing with. they are 3 yellow and 8 orange. enough orange for a sweater or something.
our phone lines were cut half way through sam's phone interview for a job! and we didnt get it back til tonight so i am catching up on email. ( he had his cellphone so he did get to finish the interview.) but i am liking my DSL. ;-)

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Chris said...

You are so cool.

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