Friday, February 24, 2006


so i inherited a palm VII. i am not sure what to do with it yet...cuz i havent really tried.
but i have heard they can be useful in knitting.
anyone using one? did you use it more than once as a knitting aid?
i saw a few knitting software sites for this but i am trying to figure out our new DSL thing and why my phone rings while i am on line. i feel like a hill billy with all this new fangled technology to figure out. warning: new email address for house email.... yarnyenta-yahoo one is the same.

KO Update:
The sweater is taking forever. i knit up to the arm divide, working the back, still have the front and sleeves. i swear since the games began all knitting time vanished!!! so i doubt i will be even close to finishing since there are no sleeves! :=)
I NEED TO MAKE SOCKS FOR CLASSES NEXT MONTH, so i may just get a DQ rating for the KO.

we have chris and mandy's engagement party this weekend. i am so looking forward to it! yippee! i love them. i am supposed to be setting up at the church fri but there is a kid thing thrown into all of the other things that are suddenly happening this weekend. i do not know if the kids will get to go over and bake at all for the bake sale that i guess they are doing sunday. maybe we can get an hour in, unless they can get a ride home or something. Any one have a time machine?
should we have scheduling conflicts at this age already?? with 8 people this is what i should expect i guess. Continually Crazy Life!


Anonymous said...

please don't stress over the kids and baking, if it doesnt work out, thats okay. if it does, GREAT. the main thing i hope for is all the kids to be there sunday evening.:)

<>< Jessica

alice said...

I used to use Countable and Knitable:

Both were pretty handy (especially the conversions in Knitable), when I could remember to keep the Palm charged...

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