Monday, February 27, 2006

guess who is having a baby?!

yipppeee! it isnt me! i know you were all thinking how insane i would be! so take a deep breath.
my very best friend is having a baby nov 5th-ish!
we met at camp when we were 12. she was my maid of honor.
my sister. so everyone congratulate LeeAnn! Connor gets a sibling!
i also know of another person who is having a baby, but SHHH! it's still a secret.

please pray for both mama's and their babies. think healthy thoughts!
a yellow cotton sock. k3tog-hourglass heel. on my ebony dpn's from chris. oh, and the hand of tali's cow.
yes. it is true. i am one of the KO's who identify with Bode. I may not have knit drunk, hungover, or spent my time clubbing....BUT did i do my best? for myself? my country? no. i did not. i had other things going on. there was 1 party i will admit. but mostly i just didn't give it my best effort like ~cough~ Bode. my sweater is 3" from the shoulders being bound together, has no sleeves, no hood. But i "enjoyed the experience" like Bode who wanted to enjoy the olympics rather than compete. think he will post a button saying "i am heatherly"?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

i heart mandy and chris

today's engagement party went well, i think so any way...
we had lots of yummy food, made mandy & chris play a game, and my kids were good.
no one stood in the corner or had to be banned from the room. also no spilled drinks or smashed cake ground into the carpet. so success on my side of things.
purple was fabulous and helped carry my crazy idea into action! and my teenagers girls were great helpers, but my biggest help came from kezzi who volunteered to come with and take care of the baby for me. thanks to you all, especially the cleaning crew and my hubby for giving up his weekend.

blah! the sweater is still just as far as it was. no sleeves yet. all knitting time for the last two weeks got wrapped around teething fussiness and outside obligations. BUT! i have never made a sweater til now so it was a challenging experience and i am proud of how well it is going. but next time...maybe i should use a pattern, lol!
my lovely new needles from chris are making a sock. i used the "hourglass heel" a slight difference from the regular short row heel. i am not sure whichi like better. i think the hourglass one is a little easier. i got a bag FULL of cottonease for 80 cents a skein, 11 that is what i am practing with. they are 3 yellow and 8 orange. enough orange for a sweater or something.
our phone lines were cut half way through sam's phone interview for a job! and we didnt get it back til tonight so i am catching up on email. ( he had his cellphone so he did get to finish the interview.) but i am liking my DSL. ;-)

Friday, February 24, 2006


so i inherited a palm VII. i am not sure what to do with it yet...cuz i havent really tried.
but i have heard they can be useful in knitting.
anyone using one? did you use it more than once as a knitting aid?
i saw a few knitting software sites for this but i am trying to figure out our new DSL thing and why my phone rings while i am on line. i feel like a hill billy with all this new fangled technology to figure out. warning: new email address for house email.... yarnyenta-yahoo one is the same.

KO Update:
The sweater is taking forever. i knit up to the arm divide, working the back, still have the front and sleeves. i swear since the games began all knitting time vanished!!! so i doubt i will be even close to finishing since there are no sleeves! :=)
I NEED TO MAKE SOCKS FOR CLASSES NEXT MONTH, so i may just get a DQ rating for the KO.

we have chris and mandy's engagement party this weekend. i am so looking forward to it! yippee! i love them. i am supposed to be setting up at the church fri but there is a kid thing thrown into all of the other things that are suddenly happening this weekend. i do not know if the kids will get to go over and bake at all for the bake sale that i guess they are doing sunday. maybe we can get an hour in, unless they can get a ride home or something. Any one have a time machine?
should we have scheduling conflicts at this age already?? with 8 people this is what i should expect i guess. Continually Crazy Life!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Needle Exchange Questions

last night brooke was complaing her pal hadnt posted her questions...which reminded me i hadnt. oops. so here they are:

1. What do you like to knit or crochet? (socks, sweaters, etc.) working on a sweater for the first time. i havent decided if i llike it. i love making socks...not good at making 2 off them. i love mittens too now.
2. What fibers do you like? wool, merino wool, alpaca, um..everything but scratchy or sneezey stuff
3. What type of needles do you use most often? addi turbos, crystal palace bamboo circs, bryspuns for slippy yarns, short DPN's more than long ones. as you can see below, i have my first pair of lantren moons. ;-)
4. Do you like to knit in the round? yes
5. Do you use a magic loop method or any other we should know about?I am just figuring out magic loop. i havent really used it for much. i love the 2 circulars though.
6.Are you interested in learning a new method? always
7. Do you have a favorite place that you shop online? (,, um knitpicks is the only one i have used so far
8. Do you want to be surprised? surprise me!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i forgot to turn on the flash so the picture's color is pretty yucky...but see the lovey needles? they are from Chris! She remembered i had said i wanted some ebony double points. isn't she lovely? with all the stuff going on with her hubby and hospitals, she got them for me. i love you, chris! i am so glad wally is home!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

mom, you call this snow? i got all dressed up for nothing. let's go back in and knit.
Snow, snow, snow, snow! our blizzard has only produced a few inches. but enough for a snowball fight.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Now these are real olympians! Tirzah had her gaunlets done..the 12th! speedy girl. Kezzi finished them today. you can not tell but as we took the photo it had just begun to snow. yes we went out in our tshirts and our bare feet to catch a few flakes on our tongues. then dashed back in.
Where has our olympic knitting gone? this is the body of the sweater.only 13" so far. where are we day 7-ish? tali the drooly teething baby wants to deny any responsibility to the loss of knitting time. after the photo was taken she grabbed the sweater and ate it. this resulted in the loss of 3 stitches.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My ring....see valentine's day post. you may not be able to tell but it is almost tiffany trademark blue. heehee

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I recently was asked to work with skacel's Addi Express.
to get it to work may be a better way of putting it.
we had heard that skacel made one and thought it could be a good way to crank out samples of yarn...right? cuz people love to see how things knit up.
Skacel's Addi Express costs about $115.
At that price you might think you a getting a great deal on an antique sock knitting machine. but it looks just like the $14 one at michael's...and Michael's has 40% off coupons!
they work almost exactly the same! both have to have perfect tension or the stitches drop, both can only use certain yarn weight or smaller.
so what do you get with the more expensive model? a way to attach it to a table and a wire to dangle the yarn from above.
that is it. really.

just so you can see the difference. this comes with fun fur yarn. has the same button to change from circular to flat why is it $100 cheaper? um, cuz it is pink? and it doesnt have a bent wire to hang the yarn on.
It is snowing!
just a little, but real snow! isnt it wonderful? to think just a two days ago it was 70 degrees!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines at Tiffany's

We had a lovely evening. the kids made a valentine banner and menu for our "cafe".
we toasted and cube various fondue dipping items. Noble orchards which closes down the end of the month had perfect apples for our meal. i totally forgot about the artichoke hearts...oops!
we had cute valentines the kids made too.
Sam brought me roses at lunch. the kind that look like they were antiqued in a teabath. he also brought breakfast at tiffany's to watch. when they were getting their cracker jack ring engraved at tiffany's, he presented me with a blue paper clip that had been shaped into a ring. ;-)
This stems partly from our conversations about wearing paperclips to support denmark. i am not sure of the origins of the tradition, but for holucaust remembrance day, paper clips are worn to remember the danes saved their jews. i guess even the king wore a star when the country was invaded. so with all the choatic turmoil denmark is receiving over a cartoon publish by an ARAB OWNED paper in denmark, we feel a lttle patriotic for not being dane patriots.
so my lovely political/romativ valentine is on my finger. i will show it to you tomorrow!
i love my "political activist" hubby!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The slow-going sweater. I did finish 1 skein of yarn as we watched Shawn White get gold in snowboarding, but it is alot slower with a baby to hold and feed and change and tickle, and watch rollover...than i thought it would be. Tirzah finished her olympic knitting project THE FIRST 24 HOURS! yea!!! so she is working on a hat, which she snatched up a pair of my addi's for. kezzi is HALFdone.(working on gauntlets/fingerless mitts.)

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Olypmics have begun

Due to the stinginess of NBC, even the site for the italian television station we used to tune in to CAN NOT broadcast olympic pictures due to the contract NBC has. Also everyone on the east coast will know before the west what has happened, and can kids watch the opening for the olympics? no. they will be aired past their bed time. just to get the "olympic" channel in my area will cost $60. I hate living in the middle of nowhere sometimes. (but hey, last year mom couldnt even get cable at all!) so we are off to buy video cassettes and tape the games, so we can see what selected athletes and events they choose to show us on ole regular TV.
In the spirit of unfair americanism, we cast on for our olympic knitting as soon as we could find an official picture. (the girls who are participants in the event will be in bed by the time it is aired here.)
edited:actually the Harlot says 2pm ontario we coulda started a little earlier

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who I will represent as an Olympian...

Yes, I am descended from Wales...along with several other countries.

To get me through the olympics!
My family came to Canada from "the old country" both my mom and grandad were born here.

California, where we currently have 4 generations on my daddy's side (the welsh side) living in the same town.

I hope to make you all proud! Yarn wound and ready to go!

(We will be watching the live internet feed...since california's so far behind and the olympics arent broadcast LIVE)

just in case you wondered...
it is not safe to drive while you are knitting.

since you can get a sabbath goy...can we get designated drivers so we can knit?
heehee i guess they are called taxi's.

Monday, February 06, 2006

SP6 sweetness...yes 6, not 7

today a box arrived. a box that was originally mailed returned, remailed etc...
a postally crazy ride. knowing where this box was posted from explains so much!
the postal twightlight zone of washington d.c.
maybe it is its secret revenge for not being a "state".
having lived in washington d.c. and its neighboring greenbelt...(sam's NASA job) i have experienced this first hand! even been called down to the post master's office because they thought my MIL's box was a bomb. it wasnt, but our relationship was a lil explosive the time.
so knowing you live in this agonizing zone, no wonder a box mailed dec 3 arrives feb 6!
What was in this wayward parcel?

lush yummy fibers, tali and i differ here as to whose present is more yummy.
she thinks her lovely sweater is more yummy than my yarn. she tries to look innocent but do not be fooled, she likes chewing on it.

it fits perefect, liz!

i love it thank you so much!

Raspberry Tart hat. From knitty i used berocco cotton twist for the top and cotton classic from the crust. these are my first bobbles. it had alot of purling. i had to rest my hands while making it. but i love the way it turned out!

NoNo Kitty hats for yarn

My finished Celtic Cap.
Encore Bulky that Niki sent me (my SP5)
although it is at the suggested gauge, i would do it on a smaller size needle next time so the sts are tighter.

the pattern is from the girl from auntie, the celtic cap.
over all i love the pattern!
i finished my pixie hat from amy singer's knit wit book. it took 2 cotton twists and some of plymouth's electra flag yarn. i did not make i cord ties or pick up and seed stitch the bottom. i crocheted a bottom edge and chained the ties.
will post Kezzi in the hat with more info!

Knit wits pixie hat-berocco cotton twist & plymouth's electra
the picture is a little dark.
the great thing about the pixie hat pattern is the "double knitting" done for the fur-ish edging.
it keeps the stuuf on top the hat and not against your face.
it is knit flat and then seamed up the back.

For nono kitty

zemeira in a Pixie Hat blue berocco cotton twist with sizzle trim

the pattern is from amy singer's knit wit.
this was a fun pattern. i will make a few more for the little girls at church.

Friday, February 03, 2006

While sitting up all night watching tali sleep, i worked on my flower basket shawl a little. (this could only be done when everything was ok, or i couldn't have concentrated on the chart.)

Sockotta yarn.
When we came home a lovely package from my SP7 had arrived. BOY DID I NEED THAT CHOCOLATE! Noro for my mary jane's, a heart pancake mold and cute knitting napkins!
Guess who gets to come home!!!! We went in with severe RSV and were told we would be there 7 days. Thank you for all the prayers. we had to only stay 3. We will see Dr Logan on monday.

since this is the knitting blog, the baby blog has more photos of Tali's visit to Feather River. she is currently sleeping peacefully. we will continue to give her breathing treatments this week at the house. you will see red stripes on her cheeks in some pix, because she is allergic to adhesive. since the ER staff decided breathing was more important than beauty...the used regular tape which was HORRID to get off! the marks are pretty much gone. Chris came to visit. & sent a lovely card that tell wants to say thank you for. she missed our knitting night, but wore her "Knitty" tshirt while there just so she didnt feel like she was missing all the fun. Purple came to see her and was a great comfort...tea & sympathy. i am so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

sam brought his chanukah laptop to the hospital. so i can keep in touch from here. since i only slept 3-4 hrs last night. at least i can surf while holding a baby covered in wires.
i was going to submit my finished pattern to knitty yesterday, today is the i will have to wait til the next one and for a healthy girl.
tali has better oxygen saturation, and good colour, even smiled at her great grandpaw and great uncle will. Pa came too and took her picture for her scrapbook. they were all so worried that they didnt stay long.
she is on less than half a liter oxygen an hour now, a full one was last night.
so she is much improoved!
my mitten is about done. and my turtle sleeve is here since it monotanious.

A week at the hospital!

Talia was coughing so badly and her little legs were looking purple and marbly so back to the doctors we went and from there to the ER. My ER experiences have been arrive at the ER at 3pm and get seen by 9PM! How do I know Tali is really sick? She was admitted and in xray immediately! No waiting this time. Our Precious girl is on oxygen and breathing treatments while all the other kids are at my moms. We all thought this morning we would be going home, but we just found out we will be here a week! They said RSV is lasting up to 15 days.Thank G-d for yarn on the go! Please pray for my sweet baby girl.
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