Saturday, January 28, 2006

the week in review

let's see what have we done this week.....

made mitten #2. (which was the class i taught today.)
attempted to learn the magic loop method. taught it to 2 others...hope i am doing it right.
contemplated submitting a pattern to knitty.
took pictures for the "maybe i will submit it" pattern.
taught bible study.
bought a pregnancy test for ...NOT ME!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!
taught 2 classes at my LYS
knit 1 new sock for tali, whose skin blisters when exposed to elastic or bandaids. all cotton ones
conspired a way to pay off al's yarn
ordered half off books from interweave (they still have some on sale) .....thus delaying paying off al's yarn...oops!
laundry laundry laundry
trying to figure out my new cell phone and how to put my mp3 tunes on it
caught up on the knitcasts
changed 1,800,076 diapers
changed spit up on shirts 27 times more laundry
wrestled fractions with T, and "greater or less than" with K
listen to chai's explanation of why israel can win a war in 6 days but the cold war lasted 50 yrs.
(yes he is only 7, but it made sense)
watched my 10 yr old beg to clean my mom's bathroom, but refuse to make her bed ????
watched same 10 yr old make a soft chemo hat for our friend
sent hubby on a hike to the 6th largest waterfall in the nation( so i had to pack his lunch etc..)
watched tali do a slow 360 spin on her back.
took jaden to get his first pair of glasses
bought more diapers
told the most wonderful man that if they dont hire him they are stupid


Creative Genius? said...

You are too funny!!! I wish the test you bought was for me!! Although they won't give me the answer I was looking for! It's so unfair - when I needed to take tests in school I could cheat if i didn't know the answer (not that I did of course -- ok not that I did it often).... and for the Preg test - cheating won't get me anywhere!!

Hey - for more yarn check out:

I'll send your shipping totals tomorrow - darn post office was closed on Sat...

bubbebobbie said...

paying for Al's yarn? I thought that was paid for? And didn't you get a gift cert. that should have helped?? Yes I do sound like your mom. And My bathroom is spotless. Major Grin on Face!Can't wait to hear six day war explanation!

Lacy Zigzag said...

So, who is Al's yarn? You holding out on me? I can't figure out how you can change that many diapers and keep that beautiful smile going. No really, have you been counting the diapers? I mean I think I would have lost count after number three (that is child number three) Then I would have gone to an averaging method. lol No, I doubt I will be at the sleeve portion of my sweater by tomorrow. I wish that I would be but I keep getting distracted by socks. LOL I love that valentine pattern. Do you have it?

Christine said...

Oh, how I love the Magic Loop! It really is just like circular knitting, just with the needle cables sticking out on the side. It is so fabulous!

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