Monday, January 02, 2006

naked stix...ok how about half naked stix by 2006?

i got everything done but the 2 hats. then while searching for a needle so i could start a new project since the deadline is over...heehee... i found the poor still half dropped clapotios, waiting to be finished. how sad is that? i havent thought about it at all since summer.
syrena's scarf is not on that list either, cuz i had hoped to finish it before christmas and didnt want her to see it on the list. oops. not done either.
so i go into the new year with 4 projects as yet undone, they are:

1 the celtic hat i ripped out 4 times argh..dont knit cables late at night!!!!
2 chai's beanie
3 clapotios
4 syrena's cable scarf

but 20 other projects were taken off the needles before the ball dropped for Pacific Time.
so the KAL was well worth it. deadlines, how i hate you! but how much would i get done with out them?

and note, my goal was not "6 kids by 2006" that just kinda happened on its own.

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