Thursday, January 05, 2006

evelyn woodhead's speed reading course

in the next few months several books are being released that i already knew i wanted.
but today i opened a flyer to see a new book by dekker and peretti together will be out in mid march. "the house" takes place in a supposedly abandoned house in alabama with a maniac killer in pursuit. obviously i will make sam read it aloud with me cuz i dont do scary well by myself.
sam is my hero.
so another book to add to my amazon list.
which i just put a whole bunch on the wishlist this week. so i guess i am a little book hungry. the sue's just asked if i had read showdown by ted dekker. i haven't. i am behind. cant wait for tax $ to come...after we eventually file, ofcourse.
jan sent home a new one last night for me to borrow. and sam and i are going thru blink (we both wanted to read it, this way there is no waiting).

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