Wednesday, November 30, 2005

PLEASE IGNORE THE BEACH SHEET! BUT NOTICE THE LOVELY ALPACA SILK.....BLOCKING!!!!! I finally cast off the shawl and it measures 24"x58", I had hoped for 60" but was fearful it would be only 46". Thank the L-rd for blocking and stretching! If this doesn't say "I love my grandpaw" i dont know what will. but that is me...acts of service girl ( 5 languages of love). so here is the first completed holiday present, now only 15 more to finish!


i have never joined a KAL but this one is one i need. why are deadlines a necessary evil?
details :
"Tuesday will of course be knit along day with updates on how everyone is doing!
The rules are simple, get as many things off your stix as possible by 2006. Now you can frog (and frankly somethings just need to be, right?) or finish, it's up to you. You can cast on for more projects, but that just makes your list longer. "

Rumors of prizes to the one who finishes the most projects....i assume that means doesn't frog the most projects. ;-)
So i am going to compile a list of current WIP's.
lets see:
1 Alpaca Silk Shawl
2 Cashmerino hat for Lee
3 Bubbe's Gift (shhh!)
4 pink punk anklettes
5 fingerless gloves for T
6 blue scarf for K
7 Celtic cap in purples
8 2nd tali sock
9 chai's beanie
10 bella's knitted babe
SHEESH! how many things are hiding in these project bags?!
11 finish turkish slippers
12 Karin's clogs
13 2 eggsweaters for KNITWITS tree
14 lottie moon silent auction scarves 2 i had hoped to make but only started 1

soit looks like the hedgehog i wanted to start and the knit dreidels fron handknit holidays ...couldn't find the book anyways....sam's feb sweater, my mariah or rogue, felted purse for a cousin, anuok, clogs for Pa and Bubbe, the felted fish baby mobile...those will all have to wait for next year. i may have to throw the hedgehog in, he is TOO cute to wait!
Here is the never ending alpaca silk i am working on. you can see that there has been progress. it is just slow progress. 2 strands of lace-weight on size 8 needles. in the future this should be on 10 1/2 's! this would make it progress faster, add to the openness and use less yardage.
SAm brought home a new lil package from Joy. This is my 3rd set of stitch markers from swap2. They are really lovely blue swirl glass beads.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here is tali being held by Devvy in a hat one of my favourite students knit up for us.
Will somebody please teach me to knit! Can you see the knitting needles across the cake?
Zephyr stitch markers Chris had made for me. there is a second set with a "Yarn Yenta" charm. they are so fun! Thanks Chris!
Tirzah & Kezzi were very excited to come to the baby shower.
Devvy, Chris & Kelly serving up cake
A raspberry tart on the way to her baby shower.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Karin left this morning with a stack of my knitted scarves and is planning to "sell" them. we will see how that works. she was very cute making tags and pricing them with rebecca yesterday.
we had a nice visit. aunt chris and paul will leave tomorrow.
this afternoon i will pick up mom and aunt chris and we will go to abay shower my LYS girls are giving me and Talia. it is at chris' house. it has been a long time since i saw them all. i am supposed to start teaching again next week i believe. with talia and my yarn bag i probably should have bought that yarn tote on wheels that joann's had on sale last week. oh i really need another bag.
i am putting together my lat sp6 box and reveal stuff. this went by pretty fast. i wonder when the next one will be. i dont think there are sign ups even up yet...nope i was wrong there is!!!
so that should start in a month or so...

i am almost done with karin's clogs. i was exhausted last night. i had slept only 9 hours total over 3 days, and it wasnt the baby's fault. ;-} so while paul was speaking at church i fell asleep 2 or 3 times in the nursery. i missed alot of what he said, but it looks like everyone enjoyed what he had to share.

Talia's simchat habat was yesterday. guess who left the camera plugged into the computer???
yep, me! bubbe's dress she made for tali was beautiful. tali had her lil lace bonnet on i knit for her. pa sang to her and sam recited blessings over her. she was a bit fussy but the intent looks she gave pa were priceless!
zemeira wanted to sit on my feet while i held tali though. she was very willful, but mostly cuz she wants to love and hold the baby, once that happened things were better. her alien-ish baby talk has got to end though!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

karin was struck with felted clog envy so we went to knitwits 15% off sale and got her some yarn..ok me some yarn to make her clogs. luckily the pattern was at mom's and i got alot of one done yesterday. galway chunky and noro kuryeon. plus we got the purple quatro for a hat to match her scarf & extra sock needles. the green stuuf i just needed for my stash. you can see we also picked out a set of leather soles for karin's clogs in grey.

my dad stopped by the POBOX and picked up my mail which included these stitch markers from wendy. they are so cute1 lil sculpy faces and beads! thank you wendy! i love them!


after falling asleep around 12:26, i awoke at 4 am to going hit the black friday madness. lucky for us(mom, karin, talia & i) there was rain!!! so things were calm and quiet. no lines at walmart, or anywhere! mom got the things she wanted at best buy, i got cute shoes, and we all got lots of toys! we even had a coffee brake. the baby was great. at walmart someone thought she was a returns basket!!! but that was the only almost mishap, where as we have had walmart crazies almost knock over people before. hurray for rain!!!! all that and home by 10 am!
so by 10 pm i was really loopy and sam sent me off to bed with a cup of hot rose milk.


i am going to have to get some of the pix from the others' cameras since my batteries died on me! but i do have the kids' play and the turkey pokey.
the kids and the adults played turkey pokey. heehee and sang "6 lil turkeys went out to play". you may be able to see the lovely decopage crutches aunt chris has in the background. she had knee surgery a few weeks ago and is SUPPOSED to be off of it. you can see from the pictures of her, cousin karin , and paul, that they are having a great time making turkeys of themselves.

for dinner we had:
5 kernels of corn (tradition)
tandouri turkey w/ cornbread curry stuffing
roast turkey (with bay leaves from grandpaw's tree) & stuffing/dressing
homemade cranberries w/ rosewater and orange zest
yam casserole
pumpkin biscuts
hot rolls
sweet potatoes w/ marshmallows
redskin potatoes
homemade mash potatoes
canned cranberry jelly
apple cranberry pie
pumpkin pie
pumpkin dream pie
pecan pie

this was ofcourse after parade watching with lovely snacks all morning.

Aunt Chris's clogs

Update: here are the finished and felted clogs with cute kitty socks!


we sat around looking at all of aunt chris' photos from the lst 3 years in israel, while we waited for her slippers to felt. mom's washer didnot get hot enough, so i had to drag them home with me. they fit perfect! so i hope to get a photo of them today on her feet. Cascade 220, noro kureyon, and k1c2 sparkle stuff in the cuff.

Aunt Chris's clogs

update: here are the finished and felted clogs!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pretty Bird

we are all getting together at my mom's with some of my favourite family!
we spent yesterday making pies and fixings, the turkey is finishing in the oven.
later i will post our menu. it looks very yummy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

blah blah blah

I HATE YAHOO MAIL! it wont let me login, read, anything! sheesh. so use other addresses if you NEED to write me. otherwise it may take a while to get back to anyone.
so secret swappers...your stitchmarkers are in the mail FINALLY.
and secret pal, a box of fun is getting together and should be out soon. but probably not before turkey day. sam's best friend is coming in for the week. he will be making his grandma's kuwaiti soup of hellish fire for us. (seriously this stuff is so hot it melts spoons on contact!!!) also my aunt is no longer in the middle east and is visiting us for the week and my sister-cousin is coming up to visit too. keith an melanie may get back up but looks like after this week. so with all the schmoozing it may be rough to get to a post office that is closed on saturdays. (preparing us for shabbat???) when i was in beit jala there was no mail fri,sat or sun. muslim, jewish and christian sabbaths, so i shouldnt complain. it could be worse,nu?

well i have pies to bake, baby to cuddle and a turkey to tandouri, plus the sole of the felted clogs for my aunt needs finishing!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

the kids brought home presents from church.
my MPBC secret sister sent scrapbooky stuff. See the ladybugs? the cut, score and perforate.

Val made 2 bibs for Talia. though only the bunny one is showing.
they are very cute!
today our poor chai shuvi is sick. (malachai teshuvah is alot for a lil boy to spell....)
he woke us all up ...good thing cuz the alarm didnt go off!...with his running down stairs to the bathroom. his bed is now covered in baking soda. (any ideas on how to get pukey-ness out a mattress?)
so we are home from church. the church thanksgiving dinner is tonight. i may send half of them with sam. but would rather we all stay home and hibernate.
chai is hoping that some one will bring him home sweet potatoes. because he was going to try them this year and is sorry to miss out. (ok, my kid is disappointed over sweet potatoes..i know this is a lil weird....)
SLOWLY working on grandpaw's shawl while we sit on the couch and watch the rescuers down under. i swear this thing is taking forever!!!! i will not getting any other christmas gifts done this year..... no i will. i sneak them in when facing the immense boredom of knitting lace weight yarn.
started my SIL's cable scarf just last night. ;-)

the baby is sweet and wonderful. loves to sleep while being held...and i am enjoying it...the last baby and all. so the house is a wreck. good thing thanksgiving isnt here!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Followed by Mrs timely is that???

Today i received my first package from my FIRST stitchmarker swap! Thanks to Stacy who made these lovely stitch markers. Can you see the diaper pin one for the baby? well not really FOR know what i mean.
they have their own little case to keep them baby proof. we will see how old tali is before she attempts to teeth on the foam!

We also went and got flu shots, all but bella. she is too little still even though she is the one with asthma, etc and needs it most. being that our bubbe is allergic to duckeggs, i am hoping no one swells up to badly. ;-{

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mrs. HOHO...not santa's girl....

Mazel Tov to Chris and Mandy!

Chris bought a lovely ~*~sparkley~*~ something, he planned for a long time.(see my cell phone for more details) we really did not think he could wait for the chosen daywith that chesire cat grin he has had, but he did! And our sweet wonderful Mandy actually accepted!
Now that she said YES , there is a party to plan. ;-)

We are so happy for you guys! Cant wait to see it on your finger,Mandy!
This deserves a full page ad in the post...but since we are all broke, we will just Blog about it!


Sweaters for lil people

i made a tiny sweater on the way to and back from chico today. jan & jim gave us a special anniversary dinner, that we were unable to use on the "roman" date (having a baby) but since today was Cheshvan 15, the jewish anniversary of our wedding...we went out to party. (rumor has it today is a good day for couples...hoping to update on that later on! ;-) yipppee skippee! just the thought makes me smile and cry happy tears!) Update: She said YES!!!!...more to come
back to the sweater
since bella has been inlove with the eggsweater i decided to give it a whirl. easy and fast. so they maybe pressie tags this holiday season. the seams need flattening and maybe a light steaming.
swung by knitwits, drooled over some new yarn, left without buying any...then had to call terry and have him set it aside for me. i gave into to the fibery goodness! i had hoped to be back there teaching the tuesday after thansgiving but forgot that is airport trips. if we still lived in CoSp it would be 15 min round trip not several hours!
note- sam, this is not a desire to move back there. continue the local job search.

Sam also hinted at a sweater. since i have only done sweaters on a small size not the egg one, this makes me a bit nervous but drooling over possibilites. woolease is really cheap( under $2 a skein) at the moment and he couldnt shrink and felt we will have to see.maybe a bday present

Monday, November 14, 2005

Nathan fell in love with Kezzi this weekend.
Discussing the latest events in Israel and Zechariah, Keith taught me how to tell sam he has a cute butt in hebrew. Sam did not think that was funny. heehee
rolling down the hill
Melanie and all the kids
Sam, Keith, and my dad playing. We miss homefellowship!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tag, I'm it

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with?
i use lots of cascade 220, but LOVE cashmerino, Knit picks alpaca silk is heavenly
i need to try more out before i can really answer that one
Your favourite needles?
addi turbos...they are my tax return purchases every year....must have more..., crystal palace bamboo DPNS, and ebony straights
The worst thing you've ever knit?
this hat for my dad last year that didnt end right, it looks hershey kiss like. he wears it any way
Your most favourite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it...but it was the most fun to knit)
baby toe up socks or any celtic-y cable, baby wrap sweater, celtic cap...anything!
Most valuable knitting technique?
besides how to cast on and actually knit and purl?????
short rows and cables
Best knit book or magazine?
book...stitch and bitch , then vogue knitting & IK for magazines
Your favourite knit-a-long?
have not done one... yet
Your favourite knitblogs?
oh, hard...knitting heretic, knitting biologist, lacyzigzag, mozemen, could be fun....see links on blog
Your favourite knitwear designer?
there are a couple knitty contributors i like, cant remeber lives in italy...the girl from auntie has ones i really want to do. erika knight, melanie falick, marnie maclean, booga J (julie)
The knit item you wear the most? (how about a picture of it!)
felted clogs with matched noro colors like a i have a picture? guess i will have to take one!
this is passed on to..Alison and Chris, past and present secret pals, but if you see it go ahead steal it..tag tag tag
Noror Kureyon and Cascade 220 felted clogs

Monday, November 07, 2005

hmmm, looks like i need more than one shelf....dang! chris said she had to get a lil bookcase for her knitting books. looks like i am not far behind her. there are a couple loaned out, a book next my bed, two next to the couch...

it is about as packed as my art school shelf of books. i need a library.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sweet November

I finished my celtic cap, in a "fishermans wool" color. Tirzah says is looks elven...LOTR.
I definitely want to make more. i love the pattern.
also thanks to my secret pal sending me needles, tali's sock is finished. i made them a little big so they do not fit yet.
i want to make the knitty breast cancer issue hat next. the pattern is by the same person.

FRANK PERETTI was in town this weekend! how awesome is that?
he is such a great writer i have read most of his books. in this lil town, of all places, he was Paradise. really & truly.
i was not able to go, but my friend jan went with her family. i think he is so wonderful. go read his books! and if you see the angel Tal, that is the 'boy' version of talia. he was my favourite character in the book this present darkness.

We are getting ready for election day. bella keeps seeing comercials to vote. it really has her stressed out! "mommie, i dont know how to vote and he says i have to" comments are reassured with not having to go vote for another 15 YEARS.
i am REALLY tired of all the phone calls from computers telling me how to vote, but i let chai talk to arnold. he thought that was fun.
i get to go to the "big city" tomorrow. i am gonna try to get as much done as we can while down there. i need to get jump rings for the stitch markers, and i want to get altoid gum tins to pack them in.
OH we made mezuzahs this weekend out of sculpy. each of the kids made one. some are gifts some are for their rooms. we had alot of fun. but i swear everytime i needed to get them out the oven, the baby cried and needed to be held. which is almost a bad as a 3 yr old when you are trying to prepare for shabbat. bella was dancing on her chair while i was getting for candles, and she flipped! why is it that 3 yr olds are fine all day until its crunch time? then they go nuts???

Thursday, November 03, 2005

i love these shoes! they are on sale at hot topic, for $31.98 instead of $64.99... too fun


i went in to see Dr. Lijun today. i have had a headache the last 15 she put about 20 needles in me. last time i went in for acupuncture i did not have a headache for about 6-8 weeks.
so i am hoping that it will help again since i cant take stuff and feed the baby. (it was so wet and cold out! brrr! i think i am officially californian again, it was only in the low 50's!!!! you canadians and new englanders are laughing at me arent you???)

when i came home, my first SP6 package arrived with 2 sets of size 1 1/2 needles!!!!! yippeee!
Thank you secret pal! i am so excited to finish this sock! it was a great surprise!

my daddy also dropped off a pattern he bought for me.
the lovely celtic cap by the girl from auntie , who should not be confused with the man from U.N.C.L.E. i am swatching it up...even though i need to work on granpaw's shawl. but i have a very special person who i want to make it for by chanukah.(dec 25 this year)
although the spaghetti monster hat here is very tempting!!!!

i sent out a box to my secret pal , and got one together for my secret sister too.
have the guys acting as my postmen since we are still housebound. purple came to see me last night, so i no longer am as lonely! hi purple! i love you!

since daddy is at youth group, we are having pancakes for dinner.
heehee. and turkey sausages, yum!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Heather needs....

so you type your name and needs in to google..with quotes...
and it will tell you what you need.


heather needs!
Heather Needs Two Therapists
Heather doesn't need two mommies. Heather needs a childhood
heather needs a rest
Heather needs a family who will commit to her one hundred percent.
Heather needs to stick to her career as an country artist
Heather needs to find the right balance between emotions and logic
heather needs to be as long as possible for thatching.
heather needs an environment that allows her to follow her own instincts and ambitions
Heather Needs Some Play
Heather needs to fly on Delta
Heather needs some special attention
Heather needs a variety of intellectual pursuits
Heather needs to complete organizational related tasks.
heather needs to swing on some swings
Heather needs to get ovah it
Heather needs to raise $3500
Heather needs ample. moisture to become established in full sun or partial shade
Heather needs to identify actions that can be taken immediately
Heather needs a place to stay in Boston
heather needs to be rejuvenated
Heather needs to believe
Heather needs something from Bed, Bath & Beyond
Heather needs to wear the collar at all times, but recently wastold by doctors that she could remove it in order to shower
Heather needs to hang on to that boy
Heather needs a marshmallow vest
Heather's needs should come first
Heather needs to wear more green and should smile more
Heather needs everyone's help again!
Heather needs my help like I need to have my legs replaced by pink space tentacles.
Heather needs gentle introductions to new people, places and animals
Heather needs to personally administer the drug
Heather needs a shower
heather needs to seriously consider adding kibble to her diet
Heather needs to clarify relationship
Heather needs prayer
'heather' needs a capital letter
Heather needs lots of nourishment in her delicate condition
Heather needs to know God's will for her life.
Heather needs someone to sit at the door on Sunday evenings
heather needs some help saving the boobies
Heather Needs a Hug
Heather needs a tan
Heather needs to be burned every seven to 10 years
heather needs a vice to crack open a walnut
heather needs to be your friend
Heather needs yarn

i especially like the marshmallow vest!

this idea was swiped from heather#1 on the right

I want! I want!

Planet Intarsia is inhabited by the Sweaterheads. 90% of the "illustrations" in the book are knitted. The characters and most of the backgrounds are knitted in fine detail.
i had sam stop by knitwits saturday cuz i knew chris was teaching, that way devvy and chris could both get to see the baby. it was great to see everyone. it had been a month since I had been in last. lots of new tempting stuff, including the yarn basket i have been wanting! a green one from lantern moon. ~*~sigh~*~ but i was baby shopping that day, not knitting shopping.
sam was taking me to chico to see if we could find a snuggly....since NO ONE HAD BASSINETS!!!! we figured it maybe the same for any baby stuff. of course no one had the one i wanted. butte county baby boom? there were so many babies out!
i did bring home a book from barnes and noble. apparently the debbie stoller one (the happy hooker crochet book) and the newest nicki epstein flowers will be out in THE SPRING instead of this month. ;-( sam placed an order anyway, so when they are finally out i can have em.
i got my switch marker swap peoples.
so kezzi and i are going to make SM's this rainy week.
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