Wednesday, February 23, 2005

where have i beeen??????

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

The folowing is an unpaid service announcement

i will be working tomorrow til the 27th at knitwits, so i will most likely be out of communication all week. i know this will depress some of my readers, but i will return!
for now i must languish away, surrounded by piles of delicious yarn, making up samples, and yes, even knitting,for my own pleasure,during the lull's of the days ahead. do not pity me, but PRAY for my mother and my husband as they care for 5 kids, for i will be in a far better place!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cupid comes to call

we had a lovely valentine's day. my mpb secret sister sent home ferrero rocher chocolates, candles, a heart stone necklace and "faith dipped chocolate". Sammy had chocolates for everyone, and love notes. my parents found m&m's with messages written on them! green of course! heehee sufficiently spoiled.
we had a romantic dinner and movie night. the notebook. did everyone else sob hysterically?
what a horrible a good way.
the knitwits class went well. sam had some hospital visiting to do. Also went to see walter's family since it was the anniversary of his death. they seemed better than at christmas. which is good.
i finished a few things but since i killed the digital, you can't see the cute kureyon kozy! , the fuzzy feet for grandpa, seirra's purse, susan's purse...just needs the handles.
maybe i have lew camera phone them to my email. ;-)
as we speak ashleigh is saying her vows. pray for them, for her "hubby's" deployment and her daddy's. pray for her mama. Psalm 20 v. 1-5

Saturday, February 12, 2005

thong-a-long updates

daddy has been working on the website. here is the beginnings of it.

put your mouse over each picture to read the captions.... send all wedding wishes to yarn yenta at yahoo dot com
for those who want to participate knittingly check out
and for thongs to knit up, hers and his! and send in for the thong-a-long. Ashleigh's thong-a-long will be running over the next 2 months so we can keep her in steady supply.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Secret Delivery!

as i was getting ready for our valentines date, i got a box!
from a secret-like person. heehee. now if i did not break my parents digital...i could take pictures of my fun stuff.
but i did...break the camera. bad, bad daughter!
so in my box was a cute froggy note, pre-wound balls of yarn, and beaded stitch markers, that i hope she made cuz that makes them more special. i love homemade!
so, do you think she is a scrapbooker? she has fancy schmancy lettering.....
well i must now get my valentine's outfit out the dryer, get the kiddos ready for my parents. (i love living near my parents again!) and get fancied up. our youth group is serving at the val dinner tonight. it hopefully will be fun. kinda a bittersweet thing, it was at last year' s dinner we found out walt had died. so i am wondering how the kids (teens) will hold up.
thanks secret pal!!!!!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Patriots are WICKED AWESOME!

so being a semi-new englander here i was cheering the Patriots on. sam of course chose the eagles. he is contentious! it was so fun to hear wicked in the announcing of the patriots. i screamed and cheered!
my cousin is in boston. gotta get a shirt from her now. mom kept silently updating me the scores thru church tonight. sam was preaching so no ditching. i love to listen to him. i got all googly eyed and mush when he speaks. i am amazed at how relaxed he is, how it flows, that he doesn't say "um". i get so nervous speaking, i feel like i make no sense!
so yes! go patriots! lee, i hope connor' cartoon ended so you could put the game on!

for ilona: recycling sweaters for yarn

Thursday, February 03, 2005

finished sophie with a twist

i wish i were an elephant.

Asleigh's Thong-a-long

ashleigh has lived alot of places, alaska, colorado, oklahoma.
She fell in love with joe. Joe is in the military like her daddy....ok he works for her daddy!
last year, just a few months back, ashleigh announced she was engaged. joe and ashleigh started to plan a wedding, a september wedding. that way there was enough time to plan, to look, to shop, and enough time to get her favourite pastor, mike , to fly in for the wedding.
joe got orders. he is being sent to iraq in a few months. so, no september wedding. no showers, dress shopping, no time for parties and dinners. They are eloping for valentine's day!
sooo...ashleigh, who is far away from her friends, will be marrying joe, they will live with her parents, and she will wait for him to come home from iraq.
this sounds very wonderful. but it could be better,nu?
so what i am suggesting is a thong-a-long. a virtual wedding shower. she will be living at home, so she doesn't need all the house stuff. asleigh does need a bunch of sexy stuff for joe to remember and look forward to coming home to! if you would like to help us love on ashleigh, please send thongs,etc..with a picture of you or a note, to my po box. and we will make a shower scrapbook and post ashleigh's shower photos on the internet, along with pictures of her opening them! she loves blue, he loves hunter green, and butterflies...ashleigh loves butterflies. she is a quilter. a really awesome quilter and appreciates "homemade".
contact me for sizes and address info.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I am nerdier than 89% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

crap! i didn't think i was that much of a geek! oops, sorry nerd!

yarn and mohawks

i finished the eros scarf. and while at the store yesterday somehow i got 3 more jobs!
aunt terri's crazy fuzzy/felted purse has caused a sensation and she is sending people down to the store and giving me more work. unfortunately i am really busy right now. my felted purses class has 8 people, after that is the dreaded knit/beaded pendant class (0000 size needles! argh!) wuth 5-6 people , followed by 5 for dishcloths. plus an embroidery job, a hairpin lace sample that must be made, the berocco zodiac bag, cabled scarf, and how could i have completely forgotten felted hats? what was i thinking? the upside of all of this is cash for the stash!
lewis came over last night. movies and bible study. then i untangled his yarn, discussed cables with him, and sent him home with my snb book.i have to get a photo of him in full mohawk, knitting. and one of josh in his emo makeup knitting too.....however rumor has it that josh cut his hair so he could have a driving permit.
so,doug, if i am knitting during your sermons, remember that i will retain more. and i need to get these projects done. so be merciful!
oh, sam is preaching sunday! keep him in your prayers. he is still in alot of pain even with the vicodin. but it gives him sermon study time!
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