Friday, December 30, 2005

when it rains it pours

after the 2nd crisis this season, i shoulda figured a third was coming.
we will not discuss the other 2, just the 3rd and why i hate this house!!!!!

after going on a trip to the state youth confrence which i DIDNOT want to go on, but had to...
actually had a decent time though sleep deprivation is sinking in.
we come home after 9 hours in the stupid car, 3 days with 5,000 teens 7 of which belonged to us for the time being..half of which couldnt follow a single rule. (there were only 2 rules.)
we pick up our kids, get fed lovely latkes at bubbe's and walk in to the house and... OUR ROOF IS LEAKING.
we have begun the 6 month rainy season. it is flooding all over the valley. and over the girls bunkbeds is a leaky crap roof.
This just adds to why i hate the house, that 3 years ago i was so blessed to have. a love hate relationship.
2 years ago the rain flood the house, a drainage system was supposed to be done in the back yard...THERE IS A GAPPING HOLE STILL that the "caretakers" for the landlord left. the bathroom sliding door derails every week, the disposal fried itself 9 mons ago. when the sink faucet rotted last thanksgiving we replaced it ourselves...with grandpaw's help. phonecalls and emails remain unanswered... crappy stupid house!
oh, and guess what else the stupid van is even acting up.

so die to the extreeeeemely pissy mood i am in, the concerts and good stuff from this weekend, that i enjoyed from the hallway with the baby, will be blogged about much later.

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Chris said...


>: (

that's me being mad with you...

I'm sorry Heather

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