Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tsunami SYC 05

we had a wonderful time, thankfully came home before the highways were flooded!
thanks to a local church, we had a free place to stay.
while there George Huff of American Idol fame, Sonic Flood , Sanctus Real, and some rapper ???? played for the main sessions. Chris Woolsey& Ryan o'Quinn were the MC's, and there were some great speakers.
Sonic Flood lead worship. So since Kevin wrote their title track (this generation) and another of their songs but the CD had his name spelled wrong, i had a special autograph picture done for him correctly. he leads worship generation's ...worship for those in the area. that was one of the most fun things i did. heehee
we got to see one of the boys from our group who had moved to san jose and was able to attend some of the sessions with us. that was a blessing. we had missed him.
over all it was a good couple of days. poor chris was sick the first 36 hours. but was crazy the last half.
the baby was fabulous. much better than i had anticipated. i had a great time with the girls. i hadn't been around alot since the baby, so it was a good time to reconnect with them and the kids we havent seen since camp. also it was great seeing Lesa again. now that she is a SoCal girl we may not see too much of her.

only an hour to go! got get some more knitting done before 2006!

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