Tuesday, December 20, 2005


While the yellow slip in my box was not from my SP6, it was from my Secret Santa.
apparently she lives in Georgia. not being very good at waiting, i tore it open! ;-)
my present was Nancy Bush's "knitting on the road" a much coveted book.
Thank you so much!

also i was asked if knitted purses were sale items. they are. my cousin just sold a bunch of my stuff this last weekend in San Francisco.

we had our knitting night at knit wits. i was given a lovely gift certificate for Christmas which became turbo needles and yarn. my new favourite green and a tirzah pink for her slippers. we had a nice night. i got to hug chris and give her the present i made her. an felted ear wrap that i did not photograph. second one this week, darn it. add those to my finished list. 2 earwraps in lacy zigzags from the 220 book.

now since my hubby made dinner i am off to watch a movie with him.

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Amanda said...

I am so glad you liked the book, can't go wrong with an Amazon gift list! :)

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