Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santa Lucia

Happy Santa Lucia!
Today after a lovely lunch with Bubbe, I headed down to KnitWits for my lesson with 2 frantic girls who needed to knit THIS Week. We had a nice time and they did really well. no increases or dropped stitches.
Then I drove up the "hill" to grandpaw's for Jaden's bday party. When I arrived I realized the camera was still plugged into my computer. Luckily Grandpaw's was ready to go....but no pix for tonight. my father afterwards filled my van with all the boxes he collected from the post office for me. ( I love my Daddy, willing to stand in the insane postal lines of Christmas mailings!)
Jaden had 2 birthday boxes (to open in the morning.) and i had 1 box and 2 new packages of stitch markers...#4 & 5 of the swap. Michaele's were mailed Nov 22nd, Christine's were sent the 9th of Dec...both arrived today. (why are they raising our postage costs again????)
both packages contained lovely stitch markers. the first contained chinese? characters for destiny and daisies, the second had orange hues in a lil tin.
Then it would seem that sant lucia left me a lovely box of knit picks treasures and a covetous book needed just before I begin the first sweater. Sigh!
yarn in hush, asparagas, winternight & fern plus some jump rings for future stitch markers.
i love the fern the asparagas is a little more teal than i expected. hush is the color of Purple herself. i love Ms. Purple! winter night is a sam color. fern is definitely mine.
Tali's new dress from target.com arrived also, she wants me to mention. a lovely shade of pink embroidered with our favourite bear who resides in the hundred acre wood. silly ole bear!

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Anonymous said...

wonderful goodies

your secret santa :)

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