Friday, December 09, 2005


Today my post man (dad) brought me a special package from Alison. (from SP4)
Cute little baby photo albums to put pix of Tali in!
Now i have to go get some photo paper and print some out.
Thank you! Thank you!

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Creative Genius? said...

Yeahhhhh you got them!!! And they weren't crushed!!! When I got to the post office they wouldn't fit in the envelope with the padding I had put in place (which was under the wrapping paper)- so I had to unwrap them and put them in.... so sorry for the lack of girly display - but I figured the small gift would speak for itself!!

I just love all the pictures you post of her so I figured you'd have plenty to fill an brag book with!!!

Keep posting pic of her and the rest of your beautiful kids!!! I love it!


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