Monday, December 26, 2005

On the second night of Chanukah

...we had a lovely night. there were not enough latkes this year...which either means there were alot of us or that all the kids decided they are really wonderful and didnt complain.
while i did bring my camera with me tonight, i left it at bubbe's so pa could make a memory CD and wipe the memory card for our trip to san jose. so tomorrow i will put up all the cute pictures.
sam is playing with his new laptop. spoiled boy. bella got a new disney laptop too. we bought one for her and one for my neice this year. 3 is such a fun age to shop for.
we have had so much fun shopping for this day. glad we did it while there was $ to spend frivalously. (sam has a job interview tomorrow, pray, cross your fingers, hope, etc.. for him. he is getting antsy with the current job and its cut backs)
my secret sant was amanda and i was santa to jim in nebraska. it was a fun swap.
i have laundry and packing to get done for our trip. there were 5,000 teenagers last year. how many do you think there will be this year? i hope our biggest concern will be how long it takes hoho to get his hair ready in the morning. heehee

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Lesa said...

I'm SO excited that you are going to SYC! I really hope to see you guys there--I'm bringing 15 kids and 3 other adults, so we've got quite the crew.


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