Saturday, December 31, 2005

Naked Stix by 2006 update

1 Alpaca Silk Shawl finished
2 Cashmerino hat for Lee finished
3 Bubbe's Gift (shhh!) finished
4 pink punk anklettes -need a toe
5 fingerless gloves for T- 1 is done
6 blue scarf for K -Finished
7 Celtic cap in purples..changed to burgandy...half done
8 2nd tali sock finished
9 chai's beanie i finished it, gave it as a gift, and have a second on the needles, so finished and not
10 bella's knitted babe finished
11turkish slippers finished
12 Karin's clogs finished
13 2 eggsweaters for KNITWITS tree finished
14-17 lottie moon silent auction scarves-4 of them (finished too late for the auction, wound up at my cousin's)
18 clothes for the babe Finished
19 Shelynn's scarf finished
20 Purple's Present finished
21 Bag for babe clothes finished

So i need to finish:
a fingerless glove
celtic hat
the toe of my punk anklettes
Chai's Beanie

do you think that with a leaky house i can get this done by midnight, while picking up the living room and baby holding?

1 comment:

bubbebobbie said...

well the leak was fixed so everything after that is you remember the pix with the exploding needles? You might want to slow down a bit....hee hee

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