Monday, December 19, 2005

Naked Stix by 2006 update

1 Alpaca Silk Shawl finished
2 Cashmerino hat for Lee finished
3 Bubbe's Gift (shhh!) finished
4 pink punk anklettes
5 fingerless gloves for T
6 blue scarf for K
7 Celtic cap in purples..changed to burgandy
8 2nd tali sock finished
9 chai's beanie i finished it, gave it as a gift, and have a second on the needles, so finished and not
10 bella's knitted babe -appendages done & half of body
11turkish slippers finished
12 Karin's clogs finished
13 2 eggsweaters for KNITWITS tree finished
14 lottie moon silent auction scarves (finished too late for the auction, wound up at my cousin's)

so i have these left to do with only 7 days til chanukah starts and 6 til christmas
1 chai's beanie
2 bella's knitted babe
3 pink punk anklettes
4 Celtic cap in burgandy
5 fingerless gloves for T
6 blue scarf for K
there are so many other things i want to start. dont think i will get to them

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