Monday, December 26, 2005

The Lights

last night Chai helped to say the blessings as i lit the menorah for the first night of Chanukah.
everyone shared sequentially a part of the chanukah story. baby tali is in love with the lights, any light at this moment. after dinner, the kids watched to see the flames change and the smoke go up.
when i was little-ish, we would watch a show called the lights i think. and the flames were alephbet letters that danced and moved. i wish i could find it. it was my favourite.
Tonight we will go to bubbe's and play dreidel and have fabulous latkes. i found so wonderful new chanukah books for them when i was in chico and the world market had gelt. my MPBC secret sis gave us some beautiful candles. the menorah rebbeca and i painted will be one i light tonight. ( i have a small..haha... collection of menorahs)
hopefully i will remember my camera tonight!


Lacy Zigzag said...

Looks like you have been pretty active at your house. I hope that you are really enjoying the holidays. I spent Christmas Eve speaking at the funeral service of my lovely Donna. I did well though and I think she must have been helping me get through because I had a great sense of calm as I was talking about her. There were at least 300 people in the service. So, I should have been really scared. I was a little nervous and just totally surprised that it went so well. Her husband Dave told me later that he really appreciated what I had said. I will miss her but am blessed to have know her for over 20 years and had such a quality friendship.
Oh by the way, I posted comments on a bunch of your pictures. :-) Just trying to get caught up. See you on Tuesday I hope.

Ginny said...

Happy Chanukah Heatherly and Family!

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