Monday, December 05, 2005

I love my tea kettle

early this morning i packed up the kids to take one of the teen girls we have collected, on a shopping excursion. (there is a formal dance this weekend. ) before i left i did not turn the heat up. ( heat at night kills my head!) after locating the dress, wrap, shoes and sparkley accessories, acquiring a bday present for jadey, and getting a new SIM card put in sam's phone, we returned to my mother's to deposit children. then i rushed home to change and have said out fit spitup'd on by tali, change again and go to sam's staff christmas dinner. very yummy food at Sophia's Thai resturaunt. now we are home trying to thaw the house. (ok it is only california chilly to my canadian friends, but my toes are numb!!!!)
in order to restore heat to our bodies the tea kettle is whistling away....repeatedly....many cups of tea to pour. Currently i am sipping Zambezi Red Chai and i am so glad i married a tea drinker instead of a coffee addict and that even our coffe involves the kettle (french press).
with my hoodie and slippers on, i now go to knitty to see the new stuff to make.
Tomorrow i returned to my knitting classes where i will be teaching the girls to cable.
Hope everyone attending knows how to knit and purl! (no one ever pays attention to those lil details.)

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