Saturday, December 03, 2005


Talia's Socks
Grandpaw's Alpaca Lace
Pink Scarf ...found in another project bag.
Leeann's Cashmerino Hat and fingerless mitts

Now in the mail, we received info on 8-10 week summer work team in the faroe islands! as some of you may know, i want to make a Faroe Shawl. Can you imagine getting to do it over there? so dreaming away... it sounds too lovely! We could lead the team and bring the kids too. Any one have $10,000 laying around??? ;-) we had already planned for tax $ to be our passports and camp for the 2 older girls... hmmm ;-) i loved working on the rehab center in estonia. so how else can i combine knitting and pouring cement, brick laying,etc... (i do love the construction stuff)
i know i am crazy. but the thought is fun!

Sam is waiting to hear about a job. fingers crossed! hands folded in prayerful begging!
so if you think about it, pray for him.

Tirzah acquired a fur cape at the lottie moon auction last night. our goal is to go in furs to see narnia, the boys want armor. so we have 3 furs now. need a little one for bella.
you cant cross over to narnia with out fur, and i plan to step thru the wardrobe!

Sp6 Pal says my box is coming, i will reveal who she is then. Mine should get hers next week depending on the mail.

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