Sunday, November 20, 2005

today our poor chai shuvi is sick. (malachai teshuvah is alot for a lil boy to spell....)
he woke us all up ...good thing cuz the alarm didnt go off!...with his running down stairs to the bathroom. his bed is now covered in baking soda. (any ideas on how to get pukey-ness out a mattress?)
so we are home from church. the church thanksgiving dinner is tonight. i may send half of them with sam. but would rather we all stay home and hibernate.
chai is hoping that some one will bring him home sweet potatoes. because he was going to try them this year and is sorry to miss out. (ok, my kid is disappointed over sweet potatoes..i know this is a lil weird....)
SLOWLY working on grandpaw's shawl while we sit on the couch and watch the rescuers down under. i swear this thing is taking forever!!!! i will not getting any other christmas gifts done this year..... no i will. i sneak them in when facing the immense boredom of knitting lace weight yarn.
started my SIL's cable scarf just last night. ;-)

the baby is sweet and wonderful. loves to sleep while being held...and i am enjoying it...the last baby and all. so the house is a wreck. good thing thanksgiving isnt here!


wenders said...

Hi there - I just wanted to let you know that I will be mailing your stitch markers tomorrow...for the stitch marker exchange. Happy knitting!

Lacy Zigzag said...

Hi Heatherly: Too bad you have a sick one on your hands. And to think that he will be missing out on sweet potatoes! I absolutely love sweet potatoes so tell him that the longer he waits the better they will taste when he finally gets to have some. He would probably like them with brown sugar and marshmellows on top. That is of course higher in caloies but then they sure do taste good. Wish you could come hang out on Tuesdays with the girls and our knitting get togethers. Soon hopefully. Chris

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