Saturday, November 26, 2005


i am going to have to get some of the pix from the others' cameras since my batteries died on me! but i do have the kids' play and the turkey pokey.
the kids and the adults played turkey pokey. heehee and sang "6 lil turkeys went out to play". you may be able to see the lovely decopage crutches aunt chris has in the background. she had knee surgery a few weeks ago and is SUPPOSED to be off of it. you can see from the pictures of her, cousin karin , and paul, that they are having a great time making turkeys of themselves.

for dinner we had:
5 kernels of corn (tradition)
tandouri turkey w/ cornbread curry stuffing
roast turkey (with bay leaves from grandpaw's tree) & stuffing/dressing
homemade cranberries w/ rosewater and orange zest
yam casserole
pumpkin biscuts
hot rolls
sweet potatoes w/ marshmallows
redskin potatoes
homemade mash potatoes
canned cranberry jelly
apple cranberry pie
pumpkin pie
pumpkin dream pie
pecan pie

this was ofcourse after parade watching with lovely snacks all morning.

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