Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sweet November

I finished my celtic cap, in a "fishermans wool" color. Tirzah says is looks elven...LOTR.
I definitely want to make more. i love the pattern.
also thanks to my secret pal sending me needles, tali's sock is finished. i made them a little big so they do not fit yet.
i want to make the knitty breast cancer issue hat next. the pattern is by the same person.

FRANK PERETTI was in town this weekend! how awesome is that?
he is such a great writer i have read most of his books. in this lil town, of all places, he was Paradise. really & truly.
i was not able to go, but my friend jan went with her family. i think he is so wonderful. go read his books! and if you see the angel Tal, that is the 'boy' version of talia. he was my favourite character in the book this present darkness.

We are getting ready for election day. bella keeps seeing comercials to vote. it really has her stressed out! "mommie, i dont know how to vote and he says i have to" comments are reassured with not having to go vote for another 15 YEARS.
i am REALLY tired of all the phone calls from computers telling me how to vote, but i let chai talk to arnold. he thought that was fun.
i get to go to the "big city" tomorrow. i am gonna try to get as much done as we can while down there. i need to get jump rings for the stitch markers, and i want to get altoid gum tins to pack them in.
OH we made mezuzahs this weekend out of sculpy. each of the kids made one. some are gifts some are for their rooms. we had alot of fun. but i swear everytime i needed to get them out the oven, the baby cried and needed to be held. which is almost a bad as a 3 yr old when you are trying to prepare for shabbat. bella was dancing on her chair while i was getting for candles, and she flipped! why is it that 3 yr olds are fine all day until its crunch time? then they go nuts???

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