Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sweaters for lil people

i made a tiny sweater on the way to and back from chico today. jan & jim gave us a special anniversary dinner, that we were unable to use on the "roman" date (having a baby) but since today was Cheshvan 15, the jewish anniversary of our wedding...we went out to party. (rumor has it today is a good day for couples...hoping to update on that later on! ;-) yipppee skippee! just the thought makes me smile and cry happy tears!) Update: She said YES!!!!...more to come
back to the sweater
since bella has been inlove with the eggsweater i decided to give it a whirl. easy and fast. so they maybe pressie tags this holiday season. the seams need flattening and maybe a light steaming.
swung by knitwits, drooled over some new yarn, left without buying any...then had to call terry and have him set it aside for me. i gave into to the fibery goodness! i had hoped to be back there teaching the tuesday after thansgiving but forgot that is airport trips. if we still lived in CoSp it would be 15 min round trip not several hours!
note- sam, this is not a desire to move back there. continue the local job search.

Sam also hinted at a sweater. since i have only done sweaters on a small size not the egg one, this makes me a bit nervous but drooling over possibilites. woolease is really cheap( under $2 a skein) at the moment and he couldnt shrink and felt we will have to see.maybe a bday present

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