Wednesday, November 30, 2005


i have never joined a KAL but this one is one i need. why are deadlines a necessary evil?
details :
"Tuesday will of course be knit along day with updates on how everyone is doing!
The rules are simple, get as many things off your stix as possible by 2006. Now you can frog (and frankly somethings just need to be, right?) or finish, it's up to you. You can cast on for more projects, but that just makes your list longer. "

Rumors of prizes to the one who finishes the most projects....i assume that means doesn't frog the most projects. ;-)
So i am going to compile a list of current WIP's.
lets see:
1 Alpaca Silk Shawl
2 Cashmerino hat for Lee
3 Bubbe's Gift (shhh!)
4 pink punk anklettes
5 fingerless gloves for T
6 blue scarf for K
7 Celtic cap in purples
8 2nd tali sock
9 chai's beanie
10 bella's knitted babe
SHEESH! how many things are hiding in these project bags?!
11 finish turkish slippers
12 Karin's clogs
13 2 eggsweaters for KNITWITS tree
14 lottie moon silent auction scarves 2 i had hoped to make but only started 1

soit looks like the hedgehog i wanted to start and the knit dreidels fron handknit holidays ...couldn't find the book anyways....sam's feb sweater, my mariah or rogue, felted purse for a cousin, anuok, clogs for Pa and Bubbe, the felted fish baby mobile...those will all have to wait for next year. i may have to throw the hedgehog in, he is TOO cute to wait!

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