Saturday, November 26, 2005

karin was struck with felted clog envy so we went to knitwits 15% off sale and got her some yarn..ok me some yarn to make her clogs. luckily the pattern was at mom's and i got alot of one done yesterday. galway chunky and noro kuryeon. plus we got the purple quatro for a hat to match her scarf & extra sock needles. the green stuuf i just needed for my stash. you can see we also picked out a set of leather soles for karin's clogs in grey.

my dad stopped by the POBOX and picked up my mail which included these stitch markers from wendy. they are so cute1 lil sculpy faces and beads! thank you wendy! i love them!

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Lacy Zigzag said...

I guess we were just there (Knit Wits) at different times. Don't you just love that new green cascade. I also have some of that in my stash. I finished a hat today. Well actually I bought a pink and green baby alpaca chunky and I made one hat that started in green and then the majority in pink and then reversed it. I still had yarn left over so I did an alternating green and pink. I will show it to you tomorrow. It is cute. But wish I had had enough yarn left to make it a couple of rows longer. It barely covers my ears. Oh yea, I was going to work on my blog so I took pictures while the sun was out of three of my projects. I sat down a few minutes ago to download them and write on my blog.....well, it helps if the film chip is in the camera. :-)

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