Monday, November 28, 2005

Karin left this morning with a stack of my knitted scarves and is planning to "sell" them. we will see how that works. she was very cute making tags and pricing them with rebecca yesterday.
we had a nice visit. aunt chris and paul will leave tomorrow.
this afternoon i will pick up mom and aunt chris and we will go to abay shower my LYS girls are giving me and Talia. it is at chris' house. it has been a long time since i saw them all. i am supposed to start teaching again next week i believe. with talia and my yarn bag i probably should have bought that yarn tote on wheels that joann's had on sale last week. oh i really need another bag.
i am putting together my lat sp6 box and reveal stuff. this went by pretty fast. i wonder when the next one will be. i dont think there are sign ups even up yet...nope i was wrong there is!!!
so that should start in a month or so...

i am almost done with karin's clogs. i was exhausted last night. i had slept only 9 hours total over 3 days, and it wasnt the baby's fault. ;-} so while paul was speaking at church i fell asleep 2 or 3 times in the nursery. i missed alot of what he said, but it looks like everyone enjoyed what he had to share.

Talia's simchat habat was yesterday. guess who left the camera plugged into the computer???
yep, me! bubbe's dress she made for tali was beautiful. tali had her lil lace bonnet on i knit for her. pa sang to her and sam recited blessings over her. she was a bit fussy but the intent looks she gave pa were priceless!
zemeira wanted to sit on my feet while i held tali though. she was very willful, but mostly cuz she wants to love and hold the baby, once that happened things were better. her alien-ish baby talk has got to end though!

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