Thursday, November 03, 2005

i love these shoes! they are on sale at hot topic, for $31.98 instead of $64.99... too fun


Lacy Zigzag said...

Heather: I like the shorter ones, but the taller ones, well they would cut off the circulation in my legs. But, since I am a shoe person, yes they are cute. Did you make the hat or did you move the picture? It is really cute. I hope that you think of some classes that are not too time consuming but interesting and that will teach us new things. For me it is important to see some results relatively quickly at least the first or second time until I gain some confidence and then I can branch out to some more difficult projects. My problem is keeping focused for a lengthly project. And, with new yarns arriving daily and my extensive inventory of needles.....well you get the picture. Dev ordered some delicious yarn last week that Kelly bought when she was visiting her daughter. I think the bay area but not sure. Anyway, Kelly is making that sweater/shall or whatever you want to call it where it starts in the back in circles and goes out. It is quite beautiful but she wants me to make it and I told her I would look like an 18 wheeler wearing something like that. She is making it for her daughter. But the yarn is delicious. I don't know how else to describe it. Did I tell you that I am going to go to San Diego with Dev and Terry for that show in January? I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I really don't know if they actually wanted me to go, but I kind of invited myself..They know I will continue to buy yarn from them so they don't have to worry about that. I want them to be able to grow and expand so we have more choices. I think that we have many choices as it is now, but you know...there are always other yarns out there. Of course they have a space problem now. I also can look around the store and kind of imagine how much money that they have invested. Yikes....and of course I know about being in business and the expenses etc.
Hey, do you think you would ever make that spagetti hat? What a kick, but at least you have kids around that might consider wearing it. I almost forgot to tell you that when in San Diego I am going to take a class from Cat on how to make the Moebius Bowls. I am really excited about that. And I am also going to take another class on taking felting further than we have. It sounds interesting and then I will come back and share my knowledge with you. LOL
By the way, my baglady email doesn't work very well. I am going to ask you for your Dad's phone number as I don't know where I put it. I want him to fix the sound on my computer (I am sure it is easy) probably something came unplugged (that easy probably) and then I want him to install a new printer, and I want him to install a docking station for my camera so that I can get my blasted pictures posted. Does that sound like something he would be willing to do? I have fooled around with it longer than I should have without getting the proper results. I said earlier I am now ready to spend the big bucks. LOL :-)
Have a nice day.

Shelynn said...

Those are too great! lol~*~ ya b-day IS coming up...:-P

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