Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i had sam stop by knitwits saturday cuz i knew chris was teaching, that way devvy and chris could both get to see the baby. it was great to see everyone. it had been a month since I had been in last. lots of new tempting stuff, including the yarn basket i have been wanting! a green one from lantern moon. ~*~sigh~*~ but i was baby shopping that day, not knitting shopping.
sam was taking me to chico to see if we could find a snuggly....since NO ONE HAD BASSINETS!!!! we figured it maybe the same for any baby stuff. of course no one had the one i wanted. butte county baby boom? there were so many babies out!
i did bring home a book from barnes and noble. apparently the debbie stoller one (the happy hooker crochet book) and the newest nicki epstein flowers will be out in THE SPRING instead of this month. ;-( sam placed an order anyway, so when they are finally out i can have em.
i got my switch marker swap peoples.
so kezzi and i are going to make SM's this rainy week.

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