Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Heather needs....

so you type your name and needs in to google..with quotes...
and it will tell you what you need.


heather needs!
Heather Needs Two Therapists
Heather doesn't need two mommies. Heather needs a childhood
heather needs a rest
Heather needs a family who will commit to her one hundred percent.
Heather needs to stick to her career as an country artist
Heather needs to find the right balance between emotions and logic
heather needs to be as long as possible for thatching.
heather needs an environment that allows her to follow her own instincts and ambitions
Heather Needs Some Play
Heather needs to fly on Delta
Heather needs some special attention
Heather needs a variety of intellectual pursuits
Heather needs to complete organizational related tasks.
heather needs to swing on some swings
Heather needs to get ovah it
Heather needs to raise $3500
Heather needs ample. moisture to become established in full sun or partial shade
Heather needs to identify actions that can be taken immediately
Heather needs a place to stay in Boston
heather needs to be rejuvenated
Heather needs to believe
Heather needs something from Bed, Bath & Beyond
Heather needs to wear the collar at all times, but recently wastold by doctors that she could remove it in order to shower
Heather needs to hang on to that boy
Heather needs a marshmallow vest
Heather's needs should come first
Heather needs to wear more green and should smile more
Heather needs everyone's help again!
Heather needs my help like I need to have my legs replaced by pink space tentacles.
Heather needs gentle introductions to new people, places and animals
Heather needs to personally administer the drug
Heather needs a shower
heather needs to seriously consider adding kibble to her diet
Heather needs to clarify relationship
Heather needs prayer
'heather' needs a capital letter
Heather needs lots of nourishment in her delicate condition
Heather needs to know God's will for her life.
Heather needs someone to sit at the door on Sunday evenings
heather needs some help saving the boobies
Heather Needs a Hug
Heather needs a tan
Heather needs to be burned every seven to 10 years
heather needs a vice to crack open a walnut
heather needs to be your friend
Heather needs yarn

i especially like the marshmallow vest!

this idea was swiped from heather#1 on the right

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