Tuesday, November 22, 2005

blah blah blah

I HATE YAHOO MAIL! it wont let me login, read, anything! sheesh. so use other addresses if you NEED to write me. otherwise it may take a while to get back to anyone.
so secret swappers...your stitchmarkers are in the mail FINALLY.
and secret pal, a box of fun is getting together and should be out soon. but probably not before turkey day. sam's best friend is coming in for the week. he will be making his grandma's kuwaiti soup of hellish fire for us. (seriously this stuff is so hot it melts spoons on contact!!!) also my aunt is no longer in the middle east and is visiting us for the week and my sister-cousin is coming up to visit too. keith an melanie may get back up but looks like after this week. so with all the schmoozing it may be rough to get to a post office that is closed on saturdays. (preparing us for shabbat???) when i was in beit jala there was no mail fri,sat or sun. muslim, jewish and christian sabbaths, so i shouldnt complain. it could be worse,nu?

well i have pies to bake, baby to cuddle and a turkey to tandouri, plus the sole of the felted clogs for my aunt needs finishing!

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