Tuesday, October 04, 2005


we are home, boy it was awesome! row 2 for david crowder band, row 4 for third day and starfield, 4th ave jones was really cool...the violinist was intense (hip-rock-soul music) , chris tomlin and steven curtis chapman just absolutely bless me. i get so excited when we see them and here these guys are praying over us and excited to be with us!? it was so incredibly humbling to worship with chris tomlin and steven curtis chapman and have them speak directly to my usband's heart what he needed to hear. can you imagine what heaven will be like? i am dying to put pictures up! some guys with us SANG on stage with Third Day. it was very fun! those guys are crazy! (i did some mini videos of the shows.) kendall payne is really very sweet too. i think she won everyone's hearts. oh chris tomlin sang billie jean my michael jackson! i video'd it! it was really funny! i would love the pre-show weirdness and hokey pokey stuff that chris tomlin's and david crowder's band sang! oh chris got the whole place doing Father Abraham (about 3,500 people!) while we waited for the show to start one night.
then everyone knows how incredible david crowder is! we are reading his book now. did you know he wrote a book? he did. he is so nice! we were having pizza on the terrace and he was just walking by.
we got a bday card and had everyone sign it for tirzah since the baby is due for her bday week. its a secret so SHHH! but it is my most favourite thing we did. it caused the starfield guys who are just about all newlyweds to ask about my fertility. HAHA! weird experience! it made me forget to tell them about the menataurs. the song is supposed to say angels and men adore, but i swear it sounds like menataurs!
for the stupid human tricks i was gonna just stand there and say my talent is i am the failure rate of birth control. ;-)
we ofcourse skipped Kutless and saw panic squad. we hung out with them all weekend. they are an improv comedy group from vancouver. i was in tears laughing so hard. sam and chris tried to get them to waddle behind me in a parade. very funny, guys. and there were some weird ostrich experiences. if we go back to surrey next summer we are gonna hook up with them.
well that is a short recap. my fave speaker was steve fitzhugh NFL player who now lives in DC. he was AWESOME!!!!
well off to the dr's to see how much i did not behave this weekend. (my ankles swelled up massively.!)

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