Thursday, October 06, 2005

what is on and off my needles

the baby wrap sweater(simple knits for cherished babies by erika knight) is done now but waiting on the trim to be sewn on. the trim is a darker rose color with gold laced thru. i will probably give it to my mama to do. heehee made from polo yarn. see the magnet board from sp5 NIKKNITS marking my spot?

grandpaw's shawl is actually twice the width now
about 1/4 of the way done. so thanksgiving/christams depending on how talia will feel about mama's knitting. (it is taking along time but is so soft! i love the alpaca silk! combo) knitpicks shimmer lace weight yarn.

the purple hat(knitting for two) has a vanilla one and pale cream one to go with it now. the last one is for the simchat habat. (joy of a daughter ceremony when my family will be here from israel, around thanksgiving time.) bubbe is of course making the dress like the other girls' and she mad the bris outfits for the boys too.

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