Sunday, October 16, 2005

Waiting on Forever

i know i am not even due yet. 18 or 20th depending if you go by the ultrasound... but with 3 children on the 14ths of a month, i figured i would be posting pictures of a baby by now! instead i have been knitting up booties- purple ones and white(erika knight's) , finished my baby tart hat....(started when i barely knew how to knit last year...still hard on the wrists! all my purl stitches were backwards so it was weird getting it going again), working on a simple baby beanie, & washed all the baby clothes. i did about 8 rows more on grandpaw's alpaca shawl. still a long way to go. dishes all done, laundry caught up, baby furniture assembled. but no contractions anymore. grrr!
i stayed home from church today, tired of being told how wide i am carrying the baby, how much i am waddling, etc... so i went to my mom's with the sick kids (i hate winter here and church nursery germs. the girls are gonna have to get flu shots or quit helping out) and while the kids played we watched "the traveling pants". very cute, made me wish joan of arcadia wasn't cancelled this season. ;-( we had a nice day. then the kids trashed the house and i had to start over!
sam brought me a present from my MPBC secret sister for our anniversary...its 4 days off. due date #2 actually! it had all kids of fun things in it. it was a great surprise! stamps,scrapbook pages, stickers.... if i knew the baby was not coming i woulda made sam buy Eagles tickets for tuesday night! it was what i wanted to do for our anniversary. now i am hoping for hospital food cuz tali will be here.


Chris said...

Ohh so close to baby-time. Hey I actually updated el-blog-O, I like horses, this is random, Lewis is wierd, guitars were fun, work is strange, garages are hot, Mandy is silly, Hope you are well... WEEHOO!!!

J. said...

Oh so close, I am hoping that there is no posr because you are having her instead.

Susan said...

Haven't heard from you in a few days...hmm...could it be because it's baby time?!?! Can hardly wait!

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