Saturday, October 08, 2005

Stats for youth group

One of the youth group girls brought this up for discussion. feel free to skip it unless you are interested.

Today we have 25 categorized STDs, compared to 5 in 1950.
1 in 4 sexually active teens will contract an STD this year.
Many STDs are non-curable and lead to death.
Suicide and depression are interrelated teen issues.
Parents are the #1 influence in teen behavior!
Some infections have no symptoms and can cause sterility.
Married, faithful sex is the best sex available.
Nearly 900,000 American teens get pregnant every year.
Condoms are not infection prevent.
Self-discipline and self-control are required to use a condom…
STDs cost Americans over $16 billion annually

from pure revolution:
"Do 50% of all first-time marriages end in divorce? NOPE! The fact is, 50% of ALL marriages end in divorce. But of FIRST-TIME marriages, 70% are completely healthy and fulfill their vows! It’s the 30% who divorce, remarry, often divorce again (sometimes repeating this cycle) that when thrown into the “all marriages” statistical pool bring the percentage down to nearly 50%."

"Abstinence is called “faithfulness training.” No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is constantly unfaithful. We must train for that.
Another thought for you. Do you think there is a difference between “purity” and “perfection?” We think so. But chew on what that difference is. Our challenge is for you to embrace a lifestyle of purity. It’s not an expectation for people to be perfect."
"Today sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are much more prevalent than decades earlier. One in four sexually active teens will contract an infection. Today most of these are viral (non-curable). They can DIE from this! And oral sex (very popular in Jr. High & High Schools) is not considered “sex.” Yet, large numbers of teens are getting STIs from this activity. Why is it not the same as when we were young? They can die from it today. And many do."

"The NUMBER ONE INFLUENCE in a teen’s life today to prevent risk behaviors was PARENTS! Do you care? Then, do they know it? Show it."
(personally i think it should also say the #1 cause of risk behaviours in teens is their parents. we did find family plans for drug rehab while in Sac. perfect for the green triangle! which is where we live.)
One Life Revolution

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