Monday, October 31, 2005


At 5:16 this morning, the phone rings. having not gone to bed til about 1 am...due to sam-not the baby, we didnt exactly jump up and get it in time. the phone call was from Kmart. (the only dept store up here) so we are trying to figure out why they would be calling us. PLEASE G-D DONT LET THE YOUTH GROUP HAVE ROBBED THE STORE!!!!!!
so this morning we call them back, turns out the store manager who gets there around 3 am , did not realize what time it was, and had wanted to let Chai know he won a giant Disney stuffed animal!
too funny!
hurray for Chai! and Tirzah who filled them out for each of the kids one day.

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Creative Genius? said...

Howdy - It's Alison.... can you email me your contact info... (including your email and snail mail address)... I have something for you and for some reason can't find your email address to ask your for it that way...

And no... no pic in the knitty calendar... oh well!!

How are things?? I am still infertile here (two freaking months and nothing).... waiting to see what el Doctor says after a bloodtest this coming Friday... However I love that you passed your fertility to me... I can use all the help I can get

:-) AL

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